Minnesota State Fair Foods: The Top 10 Strangest New Treats To Try Include BBQ Pickle Ice Cream

If you’re headed to the Minnesota State Fair this year, here’s a word to the wise: ride the Turbo Bungy and the Sling Shot before you try some of the crazy culinary creations that are being offered up by the fair’s many food vendors.

According to the Minneapolis Star Tribune, the Minnesota State Fair is offering over 50 new foods for visitors to try this year, including some freaky frozen treats and plenty of eats that blend savory and sweet. There’s also a lot of spice on the menu, and Sriracha sauce lovers definitely need to buy a ticket to the fair — the St. Paul Pioneer Press points out that there are numerous treats and eats that contain the condiment with a cult following.

If you have an adventurous palate and are only interested in the oddest of culinary oddities, you’ll definitely want to taste test the top craziest 10 Minnesota State Fair foods listed below.

10. Pizza Shoppe’s Italian Dessert Nachos

Dessert Nachos

This sweet Italian twist on a favorite snack is a diabetic’s worst nightmare, but it’s the perfect treat for those looking for an ice cream-like desert that won’t melt. It consists of cannoli chips sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar and topped with sweet ricotta cheese filling. Other toppings include chocolate, fruit, candy and nuts.

9. O’Gara’s Limerick Stix

You can’t leave the fair without trying a few deep-fried foods. These are a fun twist on the tasty but uninspired mozzarella sticks that you can get at many restaurants. They’re filled with pimento cheese and cayenne pepper, and they’re coated in a cornmeal mix. Limerick Stix also come with a custom dipping sauce.

8. The Rabbit Hole’s Hot Tail

Hot Tail

If you’re bored with the usual turkey on a stick, try this meaty treat that comes with a built-in handle. This is a roasted pig tail that’s been coated with a scallion ginger sauce, and it’s the perfect snack for those who are tired of all the fair foods that only contain bits of bacon.

7. Boulevard Grill’s Sriracha Balls

These spicy, deep-fried balls breaded in panko come with different fillings, and the bite-sized eats are perfect for sharing. You can try yours with a blend of egg, tomatoes, chicken, corn, and Sriracha; or you can choose corn, egg, tomatoes, and Sriracha cream cheese. The balls are also drizzled with Sriracha sauce.

6. Minnesota Wine Country’s Wine Fried Kalettes


Of course someone had to find a way to make one of hipsters’ favorite superfoods unhealthy. This dish consists of kale that’s been fried in a wine batter. It’s served with sweet Thai chili sauce.

5. Rainbow Ice Cream’s Chocolate Jalapeno Ice Cream

A frozen favorite gets a spicy kick when it’s blended with jalapeno bits.

4. Green Mill’s Stuffed Italian Meatloaf On-a-Stick


You’re not getting the complete Minnesota State Fair experience unless you’re eating something on a stick. This hand food consists of Italian meatloaf stuffed with pepperoni and Mozzarella cheese, and it’s smothered with marinara sauce and a Parmesan herb blend. It’s the perfect treat for Italian food lovers who always feel like they’re getting too much pesky pasta and not enough meat.

3. Boulevard Grill’s Totchos

This cheesy dish is basically nachos with tater tots instead of corn chips and baked potato toppings instead of jalapenos. The fried tater chunks are smothered with cheddar cheese sauce, bacon bits, green onions, and seasoned sour cream.

2. R&R Ice Cream’s BBQ Pickle Ice Cream

This frozen treat sounds like a pregnant woman’s dream. It’s creamy vanilla ice cream blended with a bit of barbecue sauce and diced pickles.

1. LuLu’s Public House’s Mac & Cheese Cupcake

Mac Cheese Cupcake

This isn’t quite as bizarre as fried bubblegum, and it sounds surprisingly edible for a fair food with such a wacky name. It consists of a breadcrumb crust filled with macaroni and cheese, and it’s “frosted” with Cheez Whiz. In lieu of rainbow-colored sprinkles, you get a dusting of breadcrumbs.

For a list of all the new Minnesota State Fair foods and where to find them, be sure to check out the fair’s website. The Minnesota State Fair runs from August 27 through September 7.

[Image credits: Minnesota State Fair]

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