Someone get a gun, Spencer Pratt wants to be a politician

The Hills’ Spencer Pratt has decided that once he’s finished with the show he wants to pursue a career in politics, starting with the Mayor of Los Angeles, and then maybe President of the United States after serving a term as Governor of California.


Pratt told PopSugar “Yes. Definitely running. Don’t know if I will be getting elected any time in the next century or so. But definitely going after mayor of L.A. and at least governor, but I’ll probably stop at governor. I mean if people were really pushing for me (to run for president) at that point, I’ll probably have to step into that role. That pressure may be a little much. I’ll start with California, because I love it so much that I could have that passion for my state and my birthplace.”

Notably Pratt is a Republican, which would actually make him a more appealing candidate for Governor of California than former eBay CEO Meg Whitman.