Charlie Sheen, Denise Richards’ Daughters The Real Victims — Girls Denied Private School Entry Thanks To Dad’s Antics

By now, everyone has heard about Charlie Sheen’s Father’s Day social media rants in which he called ex-wife Denise Richards the “worst mom alive,” and a “heretic washed up piglet shame pile,” among other, more colorful adjectives. And maybe you’ve even heard about Richards firing back at Sheen on Twitter, calling him out for being in Mexico during Father’s Day rather than with his kids, but while these two adults sling insults at one another, the only people who are truly being hurt are Sheen and Richards’ young daughters — 11-year-old Sam, and 10-year-old Lola.

Aside from being thrust in the middle of a social media war between Sheen and Richards — that will likely eventually spill out into real life — according to Radar Online, the daughters of Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards are also being denied entrance to the most prestigious Beverly Hills private schools, due to Sheen’s antics.

In 2013, after Sam had been the victim of bullies at Viewpoint — her former private school — Sheen allegedly encouraged his fans to send dog poop to the school. Since that incident, Sam and Lola Sheen have left Viewpoint, and have applied to every private school in the area to no avail, a source told Radar Online.

“Sam and Lola have applied for admission at numerous private schools, and have been rejected at every single one. The girls have great grades, and test very well. Several of the schools made it clear there couldn’t be any risk of one of Charlie’s infamous tirades. These schools are the best of the best, and do everything to stay out of the media.”

The source went on to explain that Charlie Sheen’s girls would love to go back to Viewpoint, but “sadly, it’s not an option.” Now, Richards is moving Sam and Lola Sheen out of Beverly Hills, and is looking for a new home in a neighbourhood with access to good public schools.

This past March, Sheen and Richards were seen together, amicably celebrating Sam Sheen’s eleventh birthday. The ex-couple even smiled and posed for pictures together as a family, which they each posted to their respective social media sites.

Charlie Sheen, Denise Richards' Daughters The Real Victims - Girls Denied Private School Entry Thanks To Dad's Antics

According to a source close to the family, Charlie Sheen’s Twitter tirade began when Richards wouldn’t allow him to take the girls on a last minute Father’s Day trip to Mexico.

“He didn’t know it was Father’s Day until Sunday, and decided he wanted to take Sam and Lola to Mexico. He acted out after being denied the outlandish request.”

[Image Credit: ET Online]