Confirmed: Fried KFC ‘Rat’ Is Actually Chicken

KFC has been hit with a lot of controversy lately — in particular regarding the quality control surrounding its food. Recent reports claiming that a man got a fried rat in his meal have gone viral, gaining international attention and sparking disgust on social media. Now KFOR News 4 reports that lab tests have confirmed something that a lot of people probably didn’t expect.

The image of what appears to be a breaded, fried rat has circulated on social media for the past several days with a nauseating story attached to it. A man reportedly bit into the suspicious-looking piece of chicken, finding it to be something tough and rubbery. To the man’s horror, he discovered that it was not a piece of chicken at all. In fact, it appeared to be a rat, complete with a long leathery tail. Gross!

While this story is definitely something nightmares are made of, it’s become evident that it’s simply not true. Lab tests have been done on the strange-looking piece of meat, and it’s not a rat at all. It’s been confirmed that it’s in fact two pieces of KFC chicken coated in the Colonel’s 16 secret herbs and spices. It was just by chance that the fried pieces ended up looking just like a fried rat. Nonetheless, it doesn’t explain why the meat was “rubbery” as described by the horrified customer who tried to eat it.

Meanwhile, another picture has started to go viral, depicting what looks like a chunk of brain matter reportedly found in a KFC bucket. The Mirror reports that the slimy grey mass could in fact be a piece of kidney, which is found on the back of the chicken along the spine. However, it could just as easily be coagulated blood or gunk from the bones of the chicken’s breasts or thighs. There are no reports indicating whether or not testing will be done in this incident like what was done with the “fried rat.”

It’s fortunate that lab tests have confirmed that no rat was cooked in a KFC restaurant. However, it doesn’t mean that things like that don’t happen. Back in 2013 a person purchased a salad from Pret A Manger, only to find a dead frog in the organic greens. There was also once a dead rodent found inside of a wrap served at a Chop’t restaurant. The disgusting photo of the mouse-in-a-wrap went viral, much like what happened recently with KFC.

[Photo via Twitter.]