Oops, Britney Spears Is Single Again

Rumors have been circulating the internet that the pop princess Britney Spears is newly single and that boyfriend Charlie Ebersol is history after an eight-month courtship.

From the beginning, there has been a public showing of the couple with Britney sharing photos from events and dates with Ebersol, who is the son of Saturday Night Live co-creator Dick Ebersol and actress Susan Saint James. Charlie presented Spears with a Valentine’s Day cake that read “Charlie hearts Britney,” sending romantic shivers throughout the Britney Spears fandom.

Shortly after that romantic Valentine’s Day gesture, Britney and Ebersol posed for People magazine and the photo was accompanied by an interview in which Ms. Spears swoons over the retelling of her first meeting with Charlie.

“I thought he was really adorable and she said he was good to people, so I went for it,” said Spears.

“I said, ‘Cook for me!'” Spears explained, when the interviewer asked about her first date with Ebersol. “So he made fish, mushrooms, avocado with a dressing, and tomatoes and mozzarella. It was amazing.”

That all seems to be in the past now. Ms. Spears has been diligent in erasing all signs of Charlie Ebersol from her life, and although Britney hasn’t publicly commented on the question of the break-up, the fact that she has deleted all posts and photos featuring ex-beau Charlie speaks clearly.

The photo Britney shared on her Instagram account, emphasizing her love of “Louisiana boys” as she poses with a male friend, seems obvious in its attempt to prove to her followers that she has already moved on from her latest relationship.

While both Ms. Spears and Mr. Ebersol seem to be keeping a lid on the possibility of their break-up, a source close to Ms. Spears was more vocal about her own opinion of the relationship.

“I just felt that he was in it for the wrong reasons,” the source said of Charlie’s involvement with Britney.

Britney was last seen in Ebersol’s company when the couple attended the 2015 Billboard Music Awards in May. Ms. Spears performed Pretty Girls with Iggy Azalea at the awards ceremony.

TMZ is reporting that Spears and Ebersol did not have a messy break-up, and in spite of the way it may seem to Britney’s fans, the reason for the break-up was “that the relationship simply ran its course.”

That may be, but if that is the case, one has to wonder why Ms. Spears was in such a hurry to delete every picture of Charlie from her life.

[Featured image: Britney Spears and Charlie Ebersol courtesy of Jason Merritt/Getty Images]