Drake Vs. Young Money Too? Birdman May Have Destroyed The Dream [Video]

Is Drake going to leave Young Money as well as Cash Money? Did Birdman screw up just that badly. Lil Wayne seems to think so, as notes in his $51 million lawsuit.

Drake’s music is some of the most famous in the mainstream community at the moment. Well, while the money is supposed to be pouring in, it’s rumored that it’s not — due to Birdman and his Cash Money distribution and management deal with Young Money.

While Drake is one of Lil Wayne’s artist — and one of the top artists in the industry, period — Drizzy is a bit fed up with the nonsense. As you may know, he released his If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late mixtape on iTunes. And it was so successful that instead of going with Tidal like Lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj, he made a move to go for Apple Connect. The Inquisitr covered the story in a previous article.

Right now, several parties are coming together against the Cash Money executive, in an attempt to get him to make company’s books “public.” Various artists claim that he’s withheld rightful money from them.

As reported by Vibe, Lil Wayne hasn’t yet escaped his ex-mentor’s grips.

“Court documents revealed earlier this year that Wayne was looking to sever ties between Young Money and Cash Money. In the play to hold onto his roster, the rapper made clear that he would be looking to collect his $51 million, as well as take full control over his label. One obstacle standing in his way, however, is that Birdman owns a cool 51 percent of Young Money, in comparison to his 49.”

As the majority shareholder, it’s a bit difficult for Drake’s labelhead to break free — which also makes it hard for Aubrey Graham to do the same.

However, rumor has it that Wayne is releasing Free Weezy on July 4, 2015. And it’s supposed to be dedicated to Birdman, specifically.

All in all, do you think it’ll be settled in time enough to keep Drake’s interest in Young Money? Or do you feel that Drizzy’s totally done and is just awaiting the chance to get out of both contracts? He probably would prefer that Views from the 6 not be a part of Cash Money for sure, right?

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[Video Credits: Complex/YouTube ; Photo Credits: Drake/Instagram]