P. Diddy Arrested For Felonious Assault

The LA County Sheriff’s Department Inmate Reception Center is expecting a high-profile guest: rap mogul Sean “P.Diddy” Combs. According to a press release obtained by Time, UCLA campus police arrested Diddy on felony assault charges following a kettle bell altercation with a UCLA football coach. Fox Sports reports that Diddy’s son, Justin, plays defense for the UCLA football team.

UCLA, who vows to “let the legal process run its course,” has issued a brief but official statement on Diddy’s arrest.

“Shortly after 12:30 p.m. today, Sean Combs (also known as P. Diddy) was arrested at UCLA’s Acosta Athletic Training Complex on a charge of assault with a deadly weapon, which was a kettle bell. No one was seriously injured and UCPD is investigating.”

Rapper-actor 50 Cent had a bit of fun with Diddy’s arrest on social media, jokingly starting a “FREE PUFFY” campaign.

However, Diddy’s legal woes did not start here. In addition to suing Fox’s Empire, Diddy was recently sued by Citibank for defaulting on a loan for a New York home bought for and occupied by Justin’s mother and Diddy’s high school sweetheart, Misa Hylton-Brim. Diddy fought the lawsuit citing that he merely helped Hylton-Brim purchase the home and argued he should not be held responsible if she failed to pay the mortgage. After attempts to have the case dismissed, a judge ruled in favor of the bank, allowing them to start foreclosing on the home.

This is not the first time Diddy has drawn notorious attention to his son Justin. Earlier this month, Diddy took to Instagram to apologize for an embarrassing skinny dipping incident that saw him diving naked from the roof into a pool at UCLA.

The rap impresario-turned-fashion-designer is no stranger to making headlines. Diddy made news last month when his Instagram reflections on the #BlackLivesMatter movement enraged some of his followers.

“For the last couple of months we have experienced a lot of injustice and wrongdoings to a community. But there is a flip side. Yes #BLACKLIVESMATTER!

“But no one will respect us if we as a people don’t have any respect for our own black lives. We are committing genocide on ourselves. We are always looking for scapegoats. We as a people hurt ourselves more than anyone has ever hurt us. That makes no sense.

“We as a people including myself have to take accountability and do whatever we can do individually or together to stop the madness…”

One young fan was not impressed with Diddy.

This is not Diddy’s first arrest. Diddy was arrested twice in 1999, once for assaulting Interscope’s Steve Stoute and for criminal weapons possession. He was later indicted and represented by famous attorney Johnnie Cochran and acquitted of all charges.

[Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images for SHOWTIME]