Lil Kim Wardrobe Malfunction Narrowly Averted, This Time

A(nother) Lil Kim Wardrobe Malfunction was narrowly averted last night on Dancing with the Stars.

Word is that busty pint sized star Lil Kim’s wardrobe malfunctioned and she would have bared herself to the world had it not been for her quick thinking dance partner, Derek Hough, waltzing between her and the camera and alerting her to some overexposed flesh.

In an interview with Usmagazine earlier today, Derek Hough couldn’t stop laughing about partner Lil’ Kim’s wardrobe malfunction on Monday’s Dancing With the Stars.

“She desperately tried to pull a Janet Jackson!” he told after she had some trouble with her top at the end of a jive. (The blip was edited out by the time the show was rebroadcast on the West Coast.)

“Don’t say that!” Kim interrupted. “That’s a whole other show! I’d have to get paid a lot a lot of money!”

Lil kim is no stranger to wardrobe malfunctions, as this google image search for “lil kim wardrobe malfunction” suggests (turn off safe search for the nsfw pics).

I guess trying to defy the laws of physics by stuffing large heavy things into small fragile costumes and expecting everything to be covered is the hot thing these days.