WWE News: Chyna Requests Meeting With WWE, Wants To Make Amends With Triple H And Vince McMahon

Several weeks ago, former WWE Intercontinental Champion and WWE Women’s Champion Chyna went on a media tour trying to raise money so she can begin working on a documentary about her WWE career, and how she’s conquered her demons over the last couple of years. The project is called The Reconstruction of Chyna.

Chyna’s media tour didn’t end up doing her any favors, most notably when she appeared on Sirius XM’s popular morning program Opie with Jim Norton, and accused X-Pac of rape, and Triple H of physical abuse. X-Pac called in during Chyna’s appearance and refuted her claims, and, after the show, Triple H responded to Chyna’s allegations as well, saying that they were a complete fabrication.

It’s been 14 years since Chyna was last in WWE, and she didn’t leave the company on the best of terms. Since leaving WWE, Chyna has dabbled in the adult film industry, appeared on various reality shows, and did a one-off match with TNA Wrestling.

Since Chyna’s departure from WWE in the early 2000s, WWE hasn’t wanted anything to do with her. This past February, Triple H appeared on “Stone Cold” Steve Austin’s podcast on the WWE Network, and was asked about putting Chyna in the WWE Hall of Fame, and Triple H seemed adamantly against the idea, even though — based on her career in WWE — she’s certainly Hall of Fame worthy.

Now, it seems that Chyna wants to finally make amends with the company that helped make her into a superstar, as she posted a video yesterday, asking to meet with both Triple H and Vince McMahon.

“I have gone to WWE offices to try to get a meeting to discuss these issues personally with Hunter and Vince, and I would really like to open the dialogue, and have an audience with them to make that happen. Hunter and Vince, may I please have a meeting so we can make amends and bury the hatchet?”

Historically, WWE has taken almost everyone back. However, Triple H’s reasoning for not taking her back — at least up to this point — is that WWE is a PG, family-friendly company, and, because of Chyna’s work in the adult film industry, it wouldn’t be a good fit. However, his statement was seen as a bit hypocritical, especially since WWE has welcomed back X-Pac, who appeared in an adult film with Chyna.

You never say never in wrestling, but, whenever WWE has welcomed someone back who left the company on bad terms, it was because — for the most part — the fans were demanding it, and there doesn’t seem to be much of a demand for Chyna. So, it doesn’t seem likely that WWE will be willing to bring her back any time soon, if ever.

[Image via Frazer Harrison / Getty Images]