Gretchen Rossi Says Slade Smiley Saw His Sons On Father’s Day

Gretchen Rossi may not be on The Real Housewives of Orange County anymore, but she is letting everyone know that things are still good with her and Slade Smiley. When Gretchen left the show, Rossi had proposed to Slade in hopes of getting married. They have yet to tie the knot, and they have been working on getting pregnant.

It sounds like Gretchen Rossi is super busy with her business and growing her empire, but she is a good influence on Smiley. Prior to them getting together, he had a bad reputation. In fact, he had been with two other housewives, and he was being labeled a dead-beat dad. But now things have changed, and Rossi appears to be happy with the change.

According to a new Instagram post, Gretchen Rossi is now revealing that Smiley actually spent Father’s Day with his two sons from a previous relationship. In the past, Slade has been criticized for being a horrible father, but it sounds like he is stepping up and doing everything right these days.

“Slade is with his two boys Grayson and Gavin today celebrating Fathers Day, besides being such a good Dad to them I am so grateful that he is such a good Daddy to my 3 boys as well. They just adore him. This is Slade having a talk with little Remi this morning telling him how much he loves him and I caught it on camera. Happy Fathers Day Everyone! #blessed #lovethisman #socute,” Gretchen Rossi revealed on Instagram, while sharing a picture of Slade with her dog.

Even though Gretchen Rossi isn’t on the show this season, she does have an opinion about what is happening. In fact, Gretchen is pointing out the hypocrisy in regards to Jeff’s cancer a few seasons back and now Brooks’ cancer storyline, according to the Inquisitr.

“I find it very hurtful that both Tamra and Vicki gave me such a hard time that I was filming a reality show while Jeff was sick, claiming on the show and to the press many times that ‘if one of their family members were sick, they certainly would not be on a reality show,’ yet, now the tables are turned and it’s ok? This is the kind of hypocrisy that drove me crazy with these women. I’m disgusted now thinking back how these women viciously attacked me for choosing to be authentic and film while Jeff was diagnosed with Leukemia, not to mention all the claims they made about me during the worst time of my life,” Gretchen Rossi has revealed about this current season.

Even though Gretchen isn’t on television these days, she is still dealing with the haters. Rossi recently shook off her haters to a Taylor Swift song.

What do you think of Gretchen Rossi giving Smiley props for being a good dad?

[Image via Instagram]