Paige Hemmis, Jason Short: Watch Them Get Married Tonight On Hallmark’s Special ‘Home And Family’ Wedding Presentation

Paige Hemmis and Jason Short are getting married tonight during a two-hour special presentation of Home And Family on the Hallmark Channel. Jason and Paige are excited to share their upcoming nuptials with Hallmark viewers. Home And Family is a Hallmark program that talks about all things weddings. Jason and Paige’s televised wedding is a natural fit for a channel that is dedicated to everything related to love, romance, and the heart.

The wedding of Paige and Jason is part of Hallmark’s June Wedding Month. Inquisitr reported yesterday that the station is presenting several programs this months related to beautiful weddings. This week, Hallmark viewers enjoyed two movies: Perfect Match and Love Again, two movies that both deal with weddings.

Paige Hemmis is known for her work as a professional carpenter and designer who has traveled all around the U.S. designing homes. But after nine years of designing other people’s homes and making their home lives perfect, Hemmis decided that it was time for a little love and romance in her own life. She did just that when she met her loving hubby, Jason Short, in 2008 while he performed a song on the finale of Extreme Make Over Home Edition. Jason short, the talented Australian Aria singer who knew nothing about designing homes, until he met Paige. Now Jason and Paige are chopping up and rebuilding houses.

As a couple, they love having the chance to work together flipping houses. Sometimes its not all fun and games—Jason and Paige do bump heads at times when it comes to agreeing on a particular layout or designs on some of the homes. But, despite those little disagreements, they end up creating something beautiful.

Flipping houses is not all that Jason and Paige do. The lovely duo also attends fabulous red carpet events together and enjoys spending time with friends and family. And they consider Hallmark viewers as part of their family. So grab a set, pour yourself a glass of wine (or any other beverage you like) and raise your glasses in celebration as Paige and Jason say “I do” on the Home And Family’s prime time wedding special tonight at 8/7 central.

From Hallmark fans:

“Love that the “family” has been working so hard getting ready for the big day. Can’t wait to watch.”

“Can’t wait to see the big event!!!! Paige & Jason your big day… Congrats!”

“I will try to watch this.”

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