WWE News: Reason Why John Cena Beat Kevin Owens At ‘Money In The Bank’ Revealed

As the headline reads, John Cena defeated Kevin Owens at Money in the Bank two weeks ago.

As soon as the 15-time WWE champion pinned the NXT champion, it was as if Twitter exploded with criticism of the WWE product simultaneously. After Owens defeated Cena at Elimination Chamber, the WWE fans thought Owens was invincible.

In wrestling, nobody is invincible. Not even Hulk Hogan, the Rock or John Cena are impenetrable. Vince McMahon said numerous times that nobody is bigger than the WWE. Whether the critics want to believe that or not, John Cena didn’t beg the Creative team to put him over Kevin Owens. There’s a long-term plan in place.

Like every decision made, the WWE always has a reason for their creative initiatives. According to RingSide News and Bryan Alvarez of Wrestling Observer Radio, the reason for John Cena beating Kevin Owens is finally revealed.

Bryan Alvarez mention on Wrestling Observer Radio that one of the reasons why Kevin Owenslost to John Cena at the Money in the Bank event had to do with Cena’s merchandise sales drop and lower Live Event ticket sales.

Bryan went on to speculate Owens will be dropping the NXT Title to Finn Balor which means there is a chance he Owens could go over against Cena for the United States Championship in their third bout.”

It seems that it was partly a business decision and partly a creative decision to further the feud with Kevin Owens. Cena didn’t use backstage politics to go over. That isn’t who Cena is. For those that forget, CM Punk and Daniel Bryan went over Cena without a hitch. Those are just two examples. Kevin Owens is leading the next generation of WWE superstars into the next echelon of success.

Their two matches at Elimination Chamber and Money in the Bank merit a “Match of the Year” award. The chemistry both WWE superstars have is undeniable. With the U.S. championship on the line, Owens and Cena will do it again. Whether Owens wins or loses, a wrestler can go over without actually winning.

Which brings up the latest rumor coming out of WWE SummerSlam. Brock Lesnar is expected to win the WWE title from Seth Rollins at WWE Battleground. Lesnar is in need of an opponent. He is rumored to face-off against Kevin Owens. That’s not a typo, in fact that will most-likely main event the pay-per-view. Now, if Owens doesn’t beat the Beast Incarnate, would that be burying him too?

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