November 2, 2016
Adam Lambert, MMVA Red Carpet 2015: Talks Fashion Pet Peeve And Being 'Chill' [Video]

Adam Lambert was interviewed on MMVA's 2015 Red Carpet. In casual conversation, Adam talked about some of his beauty and fashion secrets. As well as peeves.

MTV's Fora caught up with the pop icon right outside the Much Music Video Awards. In a steady flow of conversation, Adam Lambert didn't miss a beat. Fora's interviewer, Mila Victoria, introduced herself, and the dialogue was smooth-sailing.

After Mila says that it's as if he's a human version of "Photoshop," she asks Adam about his beauty product usage — as in, which one is his must-have. Lambert quotes as follows.

"I don't know. I think my hair's really big and crazy...but not in a way that it's like, 'Whooaa'. So, I use pomade to kind of tone it down...[as well as give it] a little shine."
Immediately but engagingly, the interviewer goes into the next question: "What does personal style mean to you?"
"Well, I think it's expression, you know?... My pet peeve is when someone goes, 'Oh, I love that. I could never pull that off!' I'm always like, 'All you have to do, to pull something off, is to put it on'......Fashion risks are fun. Wear something that makes you feel 'fun'."
As the interview continues, when asked to describe himself in one word, Adam Lambert speaks, "chill."
"Lately, more chill than lowercase [letters, no CAPS]...three extra L's...'chilllll'."
Moveover, in another recent interview, Lambert discusses how he enjoys Tequila. A previous Inquisitr article covers Adam's discussion.Do you think he's the same cool-mannered person when he drinks? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments, below. [Photo Credits: Twitter]