Ruby Rose Talks About Her Favorite Scene On ‘Orange Is The New Black,’ Future Plans

Ruby Rose is the newest star of the popular Netflix series, Orange is the New Black thanks to her amazonian height and her Australian accent. It doesn’t hurt that Ruby Rose is also a model who also manages, thanks to her massive collection of tattoos to look like someone who might be able to handle herself quite well if she ever had to do a little “hard time.”

Perhaps the biggest reason Ruby Rose is now one of the biggest up and coming names on the show is that she filmed a scene in the shower where she is completely naked. It shouldn’t surprise anyone the model and actress now feels as though it was her favorite scene, despite the fact that she’s been working hard to play down her sex appeal. Considering that Ruby Rose is also someone who has been compared in physical appearance to Justin Bieber, it wouldn’t seem as if sex appeal would be something she’d have to worry about.

Perhaps being compared to Ruby Rose is more of an insult for Justin Bieber, considering there have long been people who have attempted to slam him by claiming he’s looked like various women, including Ellen Degeneres. There is apparently even an outtake from one scene in season three of Orange is the New Black where Laura Prepon’s character calls Ruby Rose’s character “Justin Bieber.” Whatever pop star she looks like, it’s pretty clear that Ruby Rose is enjoying the fruits of her labor, considering she is one of the most recognizable actors in this season of the Netflix original.

It’s also clear that she is looking at a career after her stint on the women’s prison centric show is over. During a recent Twitter session, Ruby Rose told fans that she is currently writing a play and has always aspired to make an appearance in an episode of Law & Order. She also feels as though the prison outfit she wears in her role on OITNB is actually pretty flattering.

During this particular Twitter session, she also let it be known that she’s taken. Right before she signed off, after answering a number of questions about her acting career, aspirations and enjoyment of her new series, she also took a question from her girlfriend, Chloe Dahl, who asked her to bring home some milk. Ruby Rose seems to have everything going for her these days.

[Photo by Michael Buckner/Getty Images for Max Mara]