Ed Sheeran And His Tattoos: It’s All About The Significance

Ed Sheeran will be the first to admit that he’s a little bit quirky — in fact, during a recent speech, Sheeran told fans to embrace their weirdness because it makes them unique.

There are plenty of things that make Ed Sheeran different, but his tattoos are easily among the most noticeable of his unique traits. Much has been made of Ed’s tattoos, as Sheeran has tattoos up and down his arms for, well, just about everything. He doesn’t think twice about filling up his skin space. In fact, Sheeran has tattoos honoring a plethora of things, including Taylor Swift’s Red album and his love for Heinz ketchup.

Not all of Sheeran’s tattoos are offbeat, though. In fact, nearly all of them (including the Red tattoo and the ketchup bottle) hold some kind of significance for Sheeran, with many of his tattoos closely relating to his own music.

In 2013, Sheeran sat down with MTV to talk about the significance of some of his different tattoos. Then, Sheeran made it obvious that his left arm sleeve is dedicated to successes and travels, while his right arm is reserved for personal tattoos. Sure, it’s likely that Sheeran has added tattoos in the past two years — especially since he seems to get a new one every time he has a successful song. In fact, Sheeran said he wants to get a tattoo for “Thinking Out Loud,” but hasn’t had the opportunity to do so yet.

Songs Ed Sheeran has had inked include “Bloodstream,” “Photograph,” “Wake Me Up,” “The A-Team,” “Lego House” and “Small Bump.”

Still, despite the fact that Ed Sheeran loves to get tatted up, he told Entertainment Weekly that there are a few places that are off limits.

“I’ve always said I’ll never do neck or hands — anything that can be seen in a suit, so I can get married.”

And while we’re on the topic of marriage, it’s true: Sheeran has reserved a blank space on his arm for his future wife. It’s a puzzle piece which fits into a band of other puzzle pieces. The other pieces, which are already colored in, represent close friends. Each of those friends have matching pieces, Sheeran said, and he hopes that someday his wife will have a matching piece, as well. Until then, he’ll leave the piece skin colored, Sheeran said.

What do you think of Ed Sheeran’s tattoos and their significance?

[Photo by Ethan Miller / Getty Images]