‘Arrow’ Season 4 Update: ‘Arrow’ Star Stephen Amell’s Reaction To Season 4’s Script, And When It Will Start

Arrow season 4, of all the comic book adaptation properties, has the most information leaked about. Stephen Amell has been the biggest source of Arrow season 4 news, and Comicbook reports that he just dropped some new information. Up until this point, many have speculated about when Arrow season 4 will debut, but Stephen Amell just narrowed the gap. After all, he is the Arrow/Green Arrow — he would obviously know.

“Time has passed, Like the standard amount of time. We go in real-time, like we normally do. So, five or six months have passed since the finale.”

Arrow season 4’s five- to six-month gap, from season 3 finale to season 4 premiere, puts its release around October. Arrow season typically premieres in the first week of October, so anywhere from October 2 to October 10 would make sense. Amell revealed in a Facebook Question and Answer, that he often does for fans, that his “jaw dropped” when he saw the new season’s script.

“It legitimately did. I emailed [showrunner] Marc Guggenheim directly after reading the season four premiere with three or four very pointed questions. Which he answered…mostly.”

Unfortunately, Amell did not give Arrow fans the answers to the questions he asked, but certainly there must be big things happening for the next season that Marc Guggenheim himself has mentioned will be very different. Screenrant reported that Guggenheim stated that fans should expect a lighter tone, as a way of bringing something different on this outing.

“…Every year you want to mix things up and there was sort-of a collective desire on all our parts to try to inject a little bit more lightness into the show, a little but more humor.”

The Inquisitr has reported that Stephen Amell has dropped other hints for Arrow fans about season 4, as he simply put, “Coast City, Damien Darhk, H.I.V.E., and all that good stuff.” It was speculated that Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak’s departure to unnamed city could be part of the Green Arrow: Longbow Hunters story arc, but with the current information at hand, it is hard to speculate further.

Amell has also told information-starved fans that the Arrow suit has been retired at the end of season 3. Though it is just speculation, most fans have theorized that there will be a drastic alteration to his Arrow costume, but nothing more than that. After all, the CW TV show is called Arrow.

As Arrow fans wait to see what is in store for Oliver Queen, Thea Queen(the new Red Arrow), and the rest of the gang, all information seekers should seek with caution.

[Image Via Creative Commons/CW]