Will Periscope Replace SnapChat?

It’s been just a few months since the launch of Periscope, a live-streaming video service that slightly resembles another popular phone app used for sending images to friends, which has the populace questioning: Will Periscope replace SnapChat?

It certainly has some great features that SnapChat doesn’t seem to have. One thing that sets Periscope apart is its ability to deliver a real-time experience, not just a simple picture update or a short gif.

Though it’s relatively new, the app is gaining a significant amount of popularity in the tech world. This is largely thanks to its groundbreaking deal with Twitter, who purchased the tech for $100 million dollars. Within the first 10 days of the launch, it already had more than a million users.

Twitter has made several improvements to the app since its inception earlier this spring, making it more user-friendly than before. It is optimized for multiple devices, including Android mobile, and it now memorizes your place in the video if it’s interrupted by a text or phone call.

The app also makes it easier for businesses to market their brands. The streaming capabilities can streamline communication across company networks when used properly. It also gives businesses one more tool to use to reach customers with their ads.

In fact, major candy company Nestlé will be the first brand to use Periscope to run an ad promoting their chocolate-dipped, nut-covered cones. The company will use a variety of client experiences with their famed ice cream cones to market their brand to the app users.

“If this works the way we think it will work,” Ted Murphy, one of the officials overseeing the campaign reported. “Then we will evaluate [Periscope] to add it into our platform and put a bigger effort behind it for our company.”

This is likely the first of many company deals to be made with the new company.

So will Periscope replace SnapChat as the main app for snapping pictures and sending them to friends? It’s still a little early in the game to tell for sure, but it will be taking (and already has taken) a large chunk out of SnapChat’s business. The convenience of having live streaming and photo capabilities all in one app could very well overpower what was once the most popular app on the market.

SnapChat will need to make some significant changes to their app in order to keep up with the changes, which they are probably already considering. For this reason, it’s still pretty unclear if Periscope will replace SnapChat in the end.

[Image via Clicky.co.uk]