Emilia Clarke Reveals What Jason Momoa Surprised Her With During Sex Scene

Emilia Clarke sat down for an interview recently on the Graham Norton Show, and not only did the Game Of Thrones star show off some impressive, little-known skills, she also revealed some secrets from the set of the hit HBO show that might make even the most hardcore fans blush.

Clarke said that during the first scene where she and Jason Momoa had to be intimate — which was a bit brutal in the context of the story — he tried his best to bring some levity to the situation so she wouldn’t feel uncomfortable.

“There was the lovely, uh, the lovely rape scene…so obviously, there’s nudity and you kind of have to try to lighten the mood. So he decided to not use a modesty sock but use a beautiful pink, fluffy sock,” Emilia said. “So getting that close-up from me looking petrified, just like ‘I didn’t want it to happen’, drew lots of laughter—’It’s huge and it’s big and i don’t know what to do!'”

Emilia also revealed some impressive eyebrow skills during an “eyebrow-off” with model Cara Delevingne and talked a bit about the show, empathizing with fans who were shocked at the death scene that ended the season finale last week. The episode drew millions of viewers, setting a record as over 8 million people tuned in.

Clarke dished recently on what it was like to shoot scenes for Terminator: Genisys with action legend Arnold Schwarzenegger, saying there was no ego involved on his part.

“It never gets old. He was so much fun. I expected this massive ego to turn up, but he is this charming, sweet, kind man. He got really excited to film the scenes,” Emilia said.

Clarke is the third actress to portray Sarah Connor, coming after Linda Hamilton and her GOT co-star Lena Headey, who played Sarah on the television version. This time around, Clarke says, Sarah is more informed on everything as her backstory is different than the original version.

According to Yahoo!, Emilia was spotted last week using crutches to get around both on and off set of her upcoming film, Me Before You, but it’s unclear what sort of injury she might have sustained. The busy actress isn’t letting it slow her down, however, and has been seen out and about during her promotional duties this week. Terminator: Genisys hits theaters on July 1.

Photo courtesy the Graham Norton Show