Bellator 138: Kimbo Slice KO’s Ken Shamrock — Bobby Lashley Vs. Kimbo Coming Next?

It’s clear that both Ken Shamrock and Kimbo Slice are well past their physical primes, however, they’re both still huge names in the sport of MMA, which is why they were headlining tonight’s Bellator 138 show, above a Featherweight Championship fight.

Before the fight, the two predictions that came in were that Shamrock would either win by submission, or that he would be knocked out by Kimbo. There was virtually no one who believed that this fight would go the distance, and, they were right, as the fight ended in the very first round, with Kimbo knocking out the 51-year-old Shamrock after escaping a pretty tight rear-naked-choke.

As many fans predicted, Shamrock’s game-plan was to get Kimbo to the ground, wear him down, and win via submission. Everything was going well for Shamrock for the first few minutes, as he was able to take Kimbo down twice, and he even sunk in a rear-naked-choke, which had the announcers and everyone in the building convinced that the fight was over, and that Shamrock was going to win via submission.

Kimbo was able to tough it out, and he eventually escaped Shamrock’s choke, and, within seconds, Kimbo drilled Shamrock with a right hand that dropped Shamrock, and ended the fight. The right hand by Kimbo opened up a pretty nasty cut over Shamrock’s left eye.

Also on tonight’s show, Bobby Lashley took on Dan Charles, who took the fight with Lashley on short notice. Lashley — who is known for his wrestling — did what he always does, and continually took Charles down throughout the fight. Every time Charles would get up, Lashley would throw him to the ground again. There wasn’t a second in this fight where Lashley wasn’t in complete control.

The fight was eventually stopped in the second round by referee John McCarthy, after Charles couldn’t stop any of Lashley’s takedowns, and wasn’t protecting himself on the ground.

Lashley’s TKO victory was far from brutal, as it was basically Charles giving up, and looking for a way out.

Now, it looks like Bellator — who wants to continually have big names clash to help grow their organization — is looking to have tonight’s two heavyweight winners — Bobby Lashley and Kimbo Slice — take each other on at their big event in September.

Also, it was announced tonight that at Bellator’s next big show in September, Tito Ortiz will be challenging Liam McGeary for the Bellator Light Heavyweight Championship. Ortiz turned down a fight with longtime rival Ken Shamrock to get the title shot.

[Image via Bellator MMA]

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