‘Big Brother 17’ Spoilers: ‘BB17’ Houseguests Arrive, Live Feeds Come On Soon

Big Brother 17 spoilers are getting to the juicy stage. The BB17 houseguests have arrived, signaling that the Big Brother 2015 season is about to begin. As revealed by a CBS press release earlier in the week, there are going to be weekly twists in the house. While the network hasn’t given specifics about what those twists are going to entail, it looks like Big Brother producers will use special guests to do it. The notable Big Brother spoiler from this weekend, though, comes from fan site Big Brother Network.

In the update from Saturday (June 20), the houseguests are already in California and will enter the house over the weekend. This may shock some viewers of the show as the season premiere doesn’t air until Wednesday night (June 24). It is a regular occurrence on the reality competition show as the network and producers need footage to give viewers on the first two episodes. It will lead to quite a few intriguing Big Brother 17 spoilers as viewers of the live feeds try to catch up on what has transpired.

As was previously reported on the Inquisitr, some new information about the BB17 cast has been leaked. Houseguest Audrey Middleton will present an interesting house dynamic as she will become the first transgender contestant. Born as Adam, Audrey had her secret revealed by TMZ before show producers had hoped it would take place. It’s an interesting wrinkle that producers have provided the new cast, and it should be very interesting to viewers to see just how her revelation plays out.

The Big Brother 2015 season premiere is a two-day event stretching from the first episode at 8 p.m. PT/ET on June 24 to the second episode on June 25 at 8 p.m. PT/ET. Once the episode has aired on the West Coast, the live feeds will turn on (9 p.m. PT / 12 a.m. ET) and social media will start trying to figure out everything that has happened in the house. That is when a heavy number of Big Brother 17 spoilers are going to start rolling out, likely including who has won the first HOH (Head of Household) competition.

Host Julie Chen is back for her 17th season of the show, and she has already spoken publicly about having a transgender houseguest. She revealed on her other show (The Talk) that Audrey Middleton will tell the other houseguests about her backstory as soon as they have been sequestered. In the past, some cast members have been accused of bigotry and racial insensitivity, so this becomes a big test for producers to pull off without any drama. This is Big Brother, though, so the drama will come out in one form or another at some point.

As for the houseguests arriving in California already, it signals to fans that another summer with Julie Chen and the Big Brother cast is nearly here. While previous Big Brother 17 spoilers have revealed that there are 14 members in the current cast, the fact that the 2015 season is expected to go 100 days raises questions about additional people being added. The curtain is almost ready to lift on CBS and the live feeds, but before that even happens, fans could see more show information leaked on the internet.

[Image Source: Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]