‘Dateline NBC’ Friday Recovers Robert Durst’s Lost Years In Eureka, California, And Galveston, Texas, Plus More Victims?

Robert Durst, the infamous man who has been connected to more than three deaths, is the latest subject of Dateline NBC Friday. Just when you think there is nothing more to learn about the cases of Robert Durst, more stories come out of the woodworks. Durst first came to the attention of the public in 1982 after he was suspected in the death of his wife, Kathie McCormack. Then he was named a suspect in the death of Susan Berman, a friend who was found murdered in 2000.

Durst is also connected to the death of Morris Black, a neighbor who was mysteriously killed in 2001. And the bodies don’t stop there. Authorities believe that Robert Durst has information about the disappearances of 18-year old Kristen Modaferri, who vanished in 1997, and Lynne Schulze, a college student in Vermont who disappeared during the time Robert Durst owned a health food store in the area. The 1997 disappearance of Karen Mitchell from Eureka, California, is also connected with America’s most mysterious man.

Over the years, the Durst case has fascinated the public. The 2010 movie All Good Things starring Ryan Gosling and The Jinx: The Life And Deaths Of Robert Durst are both based on his case. ABC News had the chance to catch up with Robert Durst to discuss the true-story movies that were based on his life. About the movie All Good Things, Durst made the following comment about the fight scenes.

“This is close. After a number of years, before I would go to her family’s house for a function I would insist that we agree on how long we were going to stay — two hours, three hours, four hours. We would do a negotiation. When the time was up, I was ready to leave. I’ve seen the story about the hair two different ways: One way I would drag her out of the house by her hair; the other way I would grab her hair and a big chunk comes out. Either one is close enough.”

In tonight’ episode of Dateline NBC, Keith Morrison tries to find out what Robert Durst was doing during the “lost years.” Many questions abound as to why Durst moved around so much, and about why he moved to Galveston, Texas, and Eureka, California.
Be sure to watch Dateline NBC Friday tonight to see how Keith Morrison pieces together Robert Durst’s lost years.

Friday’s Dateline NBC episode tease: Robert Durst: The Lost Years

“Keith Morrison takes viewers inside the twisted saga of the infamous New York real estate heir and accused murderer. This Dateline special reveals stories from chapters in Durst’s life, little known by the public until now.”

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