Pixar’s ‘Inside Out’: Check Out 15 Easter Eggs And Inside Jokes From The New Film

Pixar and Disney already have another hit on their hands with Inside Out, and it just officially debuted in theaters today. As with all Pixar films, there are going to be a number of Easter Eggs and hidden jokes throughout so let’s check out some of them that you can be on the lookout for during your viewing.

Please note that there may be some SPOILERS ahead for Pixar’s Inside Out when going through the Easter Eggs so continue on at your own risk.

Collider actually got to do an interview with director Pete Docter who went over a number of things including Easter Eggs, different plots, closing credits, and the Blu-ray. There’s also some info on moving forward with Toy Story 4 so fans have something else huge to look ahead to in the future.

1. The famous “A113” code that stands for the classroom number at the California Institute of the Arts that once housed students such as Brad Bird and John Lasseter. In appropriate fashion, lead character Riley (Kaitlyn Dias) heads to her new school in San Francisco and is in room A113.

2. The Pizza Planet truck is in Inside Out as another notable Pixar Easter Egg, but it won’t be spoiled here. Look for it at least three times in the film, according to Docter.

inside out easter eggs pizza planet truck

3. As with all Pixar movies, there is an Easter Egg pointing at their next film. In this one, Arlo does appear in Inside Out, and he’s the lead character in The Good Dinosaur coming out later this year.

4. Docter said that Colette (voiced by Janeane Garofolo) in Ratatouille does make a quick cameo. All that Docter would reveal is that you need to look quickly and she is featured on the cover of a magazine somewhere in Inside Out.

5. About halfway through the movie, Joy (Amy Poehler) is going through the Imaginationland part of Riley’s mind. At one point, there is a stack of items and blue board game box that reads “Find Me” and has a picture of Nemo the clownfish on it.

6. Check out the memory orbs in Riley’s mind closely. A number of them show memories from Carl and Ellie’s life in Pixar’s Up.

inside out easter eggs carl ellie up

7. Speaking of the memory orbs, Riley remembers a moment on a slide when she was little. Good eyes will notice that she must have attended Sunnyside Daycare because it’s the same play area that was in Toy Story 3.

What Culture states that there are plenty of clues showing that Toy Story and Inside Out are in the same world.

inside out easter eggs toy story slide

8. Riley’s classroom has a poster on the wall that references the Pixar short La Luna.

9. Riley’s hockey team in Inside Out is in an arena stating the team is the Tri-County Youth Hockey. Throughout the Toy Story trilogy, it has been known that the films take place in the “Tri-County area.”

10. As the opening credits go by, Riley and her parents are moving to San Francisco and pass some telephone poles and wires. Sitting on the wires are the birds from the Pixar short Birds On A Wire.

11. A sticker on Riley’s bag shows the Pixar ball.

12. Take this one as you will, but it appears as if Remy from Ratatouille ends up having a short cameo in Inside Out, but in a very twisted way. What Culture details it, and they may be spot on, but it’s one messed up Easter Egg.

13. One of Riley’s female classmates an alternate version of Sid’s (from Toy Story) shirt.

inside out easter eggs sid toy story

14. John Ratzenberger keeps his Pixar cameo streak going as he appears as a worker in the brain that is installing a new control panel.

15. In Riley’s Mind, there is Princess Dream World which has a castle getting blasted into confetti and glitter by a wrecking ball. The castle will look quite familiar to Disney fans.

inside out easter egg princess dream world castle

Bonus: During the “Bad Dream” scene, avid Disney fans will hear the eerily familiar music from the Haunted Mansion attraction.

Easter Eggs are prominent in every film these days and Jurassic World had a good bit of them, but Disney and Pixar always put them in. Avengers: Age of Ultron continued Marvel’s streak of big Easter Eggs too. Inside Out has some great ones, some obvious ones, and those that if you blink, you’ll miss the inside jokes.

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