Raccoon Breaks Into Alcohol Warehouse, Gets Predictably And Hilariously Drunk

Raccoons have a reputation for breaking into the most unlikely of places, but one wayward animal that made its way into a beer distributor's warehouse in Brooklyn got more than it bargained for and was filmed stumbling around while incredibly drunk.

Video of the extremely inebriated raccoon was captured by warehouse workers at Union Beer Distributors in Brooklyn last month, according to Gothamist. The clip was shared on social media by Phillipp Scott, an employee at the facility who later noted that the raccoon has been appropriately nicknamed "tipsy" by the staff.

As the clip starts, the raccoon stumbles sideways while one of the unseen workers calls out in the background.

"Yo, this raccoon is drunk! Oh shoot, the raccoon is drunk!"

Broken beer bottles and empty cans litter the floor around the raccoon as it stumbles toward a puddle of booze, barely keeping its feet under its body. At one point, the unfortunate animal's legs go out from under it, prompting cries from its audience. In a bizarre parody of a field sobriety test, the raccoon fails to walk even the shortest of straight lines.

The video reaches its peak when the unfortunate raccoon turns to run away from the scene, escaping around a corner. Within seconds, the change of direction becomes too much for the animal, which can be seen losing its balance and toppling over, falling on its side before the clip ends.

An average raccoon weighs around 20 pounds, as OutdoorHub notes, meaning that you could reasonably expect them to be lightweight drunks. With the amount of alcohol spilled in the video, however, it's little wonder that the raccoon could barely stay on its feet, even to make an escape.

The clip is just the latest footage of a raccoon in an unusual situation to go viral recently. Last weekend, a man in Florida managed to capture an image of a raccoon riding on top of an alligator after his family startled the animal while walking through the forest. As the Inquisitr previously reported, the image was met with some skepticism when it spread online, much like a previous photo of a bobcat attacking a shark, also taken in Florida.

While the footage is hilarious to some, raccoon incursions are relatively common in major cities, and the animal is hardly the first to be filmed while drunk. There is at this time no word on what happened to Union Beer Distributors' now famous drunk raccoon.

[Photo: Phillipp Scott via Twitter]