Robyn Brown Pregnant: ‘Sister Wives’ Family Has Another Baby On The Way

There’s a new baby joining the Sister Wives family, as Robyn Brown is pregnant again. This will be Robyn’s second child with husband Kody Brown and her fifth in total. The new baby will be the 18th for the family as a whole.

Viewers watched last season as Cody Brown’s legal wife, Meri, decided to divorce Cody so he could legally marry Robyn. Though the family insisted it was just a legal rearrangement and that they were all still together and harmonious, there has been a lot of buzz and concern that these shifts have not gone quite that smoothly. Viewers will surely learn more about the state of things when the new season begins.

As for the new baby, People confirms that Robyn Brown is pregnant, and the couple says they are eagerly expecting the new family member. Kody notes that while he always tries to be tender and kind with his wives, during the pregnancies he aims to be ultra-sensitive. While additions to the family are something they’re quite used to at this point, everybody is said to be quite excited that the group is expanding by one more.

Kody, 46, has kids ranging in age from almost 4 up to 19 among his four wives, Robyn, Meri, Christine, and Janelle. The most recent addition to the family, Solomon, was born to Robyn in October 2011, notes Us Weekly. The family also includes Robyn’s three older children from her previous marriage.

As Fox News details, Kody has one daughter with Meri, Mariah, who is the family’s oldest. Kody and Janelle have six children together, and Kody and Christine have six together as well. Fans had speculated that Kody may work to formally adopt Robyn’s three older children, but so far nothing of that nature has been officially done as far as the family has revealed.

Surely viewers will get to see this new pregnancy play out, at least in part, on the new season of Sister Wives when it debuts. Fans have been anxious to know when the show is coming back, but TLC has yet to pin down a premiere date. As fans asked on the show’s Facebook page, they were told simply to stay tuned for updates.

People shared a fun family photo highlighting the big news of Robyn Brown’s pregnancy. There are a lot of excited looking family members, and Sister Wives fans can’t wait to see it all play out on-screen.

[Image via Pics6]