Eva Longoria ‘Can’t Get Enough Of Using Her Brain’

Eva Longoria wants to be more than just an actress. In fact, if Longoria were not in showbiz, she knows exactly what she would do instead, she recently revealed.

Eva Longoria began her career as a soap opera star on shows such as General Hospital and The Young and the Restless before she grabbed her breakthrough role as Gabrielle Solis on Desperate Housewives.

In the years since Desperate Housewives went off the air, Longoria has stepped into a producing role with the show Devious Maids, which airs on Lifetime, and the 2014 documentary, Food Chains.

Longoria says the producing role fits her well, because if she weren’t an actress she’d like to work in corporate America instead. According to People, Longoria explained her dream job.

“I love business. In particular, she can’t get enough of ‘using [her] brain’ and says she enjoys producing because she likes the “business side of the industry.”

Eva Longoria went on to tell People that she loves quotas, budgets, and measurable success.

In addition, Longoria told People that she likes the idea of corporate America because success is more clear cut in the business world than in show business.

“I feel like corporate America is about sales and profits and margins, and it’s really a mathematical formula. (In show business) you never know what people are going to like. You don’t know what movie’s going to do well. You don’t know if people are going to like your show. It’s like, in entertainment, there’s no recipe for success.”

At the same time Longoria talked about trying to create movies people like, she was receiving a bit of backlash from community activists who say Longoria’s upcoming movie, Low Riders, “perpetuates Latino stereotypes.”

When it comes to the business world, Longoria is no stranger. Eva Longoria has tried her hand at several business-oriented ventures, including restaurants in Hollywood and Las Vegas called Beso. (Her Las Vegas location entered Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings in 2011.) Eva Longoria also has the Eva Longoria Home line for JC Penney.

Longoria told People about her career aspirations while attending the Svedka Summer Fiesta Celebration in Beverly Hills, where she helped to launch Svedka Grapefruit Jalapeño vodka.

What do you think of Longoria’s comments about working in the business world? Do you think Eva Longoria would do well in corporate America?

[Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images]