‘X-Files’ Spoilers: Leaked Call Sheet Names Which Star Of ‘The Americans’?

The culture of TV spoilers may not have been around when the original X-Files premiered, but fans have embraced it for the official X-Files reboot, and their latest find? Some fans of the series have gotten their hands on a leaked call sheet from the set, according to the Vancouver Sun. So what clues did the call sheet reveal in the upcoming season of X-Files? Mild spoilers follow, including the revelation of which star of The Americans will be guest starring along with cult icons Mulder (David Duchovny) and Scully (Gillian Anderson).

For those who don’t know, a call sheet is the daily filming schedule for a movie or TV production, detailing the who, what, and where of the scenes being shot that day. It reveals the title for the Season 10 premiere episode is “My Struggle,” with filming for the day primarily in a “hospital parking garage” and the ominously titled “dark space.” And what would an X-Files episode be without at least one alien on the cast sheet?

call sheet x-files
The leaked call sheet form the set of The X-Files.

X-Files fans weren’t surprised to find that some of the revealed plot details revolve around aliens, but the most surprising find was the call sheet notice for a character named Sveta, played by actress Annet Mahendru, who plays Nina on The Americans. The Americans is an FX series revolving around Russian spies in the 80s at the height of the Cold War, with Nina being a former employee at the Soviet embassy who was turned by an American FBI agent, then betrayed by him and sent back to prison in Russia. Nina left off the season trying to work her way back into the Soviet Union’s good graces.

The scope of Mahendru’s role on The X-Files isn’t known, but could that be a bad omen for Nina on The Americans? Mahendru has been confirmed for joining the cast of The Following, so does that mean Nina will not last much longer on The Americans? Or perhaps Mahendru is following Gillian Anderson’s lead in getting involved in multiple TV series, with Anderson continuing on The Fall and her promotion to full cast member this season on Hannibal.

The X-Files sheet does give away a few other mild spoilers, such as Scully working at a hospital in the premiere, but for something a little juicier, the call sheet reveals a plot involving the inoculation of abductees with alien blood and a scene with dead aliens riddled with bullet holes. It also seems poor Sveta will be giving birth, and given it’s The X-Files, fans can presume this won’t be an ordinary baby.

The call sheet also reveals a behind-the-scenes documentary of The X-Files is filming and that a cast photo was scheduled at the “Mulder house.” Is that Mulder’s childhood home or did he finally move out of his bachelor pad apartment? Say it ain’t so!

[Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]