WWE News: Huge New Character Change For WWE Superstar Dean Ambrose

WWE Superstar Dean Ambrose has been a huge part of WWE the last few months. WWE has liked the idea of using him as best as possible, but the biggest issue with Ambrose has been his lack of direction. It seemed for months that he was being used to help elevate others, but he never seemed to get anything for himself. Fans loved him, and his merchandise sold well. So what was keeping him back? A high profile superstar, as well as a big time producer decided to stick up for Ambrose and say that he needed to be used better.

While Ambrose has never complained about his spot publicly or to management, others saw his talent and realized he needed better treatment. This led to Dean eventually having a bigger role. On Thursday, the Inquisitr reported that The Shield was set to reform at one point. The reunion was supposed to happen around this time in fact, once Brock Lesnar was set to come back. These plans, of course, did not happen, which could have been the best thing for all involved — especially Dean Ambrose.

Daily Wrestling News reports that WWE found a direction for Ambrose months back and it has been likened to that of “Stone Cold” Steve Austin in 1998. Dean Ambrose has recieved major praise backstage due to his performance. The top star who spoke to Vince McMahon about Ambrose actually pitched the idea for Ambrose to be more like Austin. So apparently Vince liked the idea, which is why we have been seeing very big similarities with the two characters lately.

Now Dean Ambrose has a direction, and it is one fans are eating up just as they did before with Austin.

Ambrose has been so over in fact that there was discussions at one point of giving him the WWE World Heavyweight Title. While he has not yet captured his first World Title, the fact is that he is set to win one eventually. Most believe that Ambrose is the favorite to win the Royal Rumble, where he would go on to main event WrestleMania 32. If Ambrose is going to be used like Austin was, chances are that a Rumble win would work big time for him as well as it did for The Rattlesnake.

Dean Ambrose is becoming a big star for WWE. While his moment in the sun has been great, one would imagine that his star is only going to grow brighter in the coming years. While fans want to see Ambrose win the big one right now, it is better to give it to him in a big moment. Whether or not he gets to have such a thing is not yet known. The character change and new direction for Ambrose has been a big help to him as well as the company. It seems to be one WWE will keep around for a while.

[IMG Credit: WWE.com]