Listen As Janet Jackson Professes Love For Her Fans In New Song

It's been seven years since we've heard anything from Janet Jackson, but she wants fans to know she's back and she's grateful to all of them.

Janet recently released news of an upcoming album and even a world tour, but Jackson recently took to Twitter to share a 43-second clip of a song that she had written - just for them.

Jackson captioned the tweet and video, "I wanna tell you how important you are to me! Love J."

According to Spin, Jackson's "smoothly rounded vocals" proclaim her love for her fans in the lyrics, "I lived through my mistakes / It's just a part of growing / And never for a single moment / Did I go without your love / You made me feel wanted / I wanna tell you how important you are to me / Love."

All of this comes after Janet's announcement in May that she will be releasing her first album since 2008's Discipline in the fall of this year. According to New York Daily News, Jackson's latest album is rumored to be titled "Conversations In A Cafe," with no official release date as of yet.

The 49-year-old Jackson also announced that she will begin her "Unbreakable World Tour" on August 31 in Vancouver, Canada. Jackson's tour is scheduled to continue through November.

So how do fans feel about Jackson's new music? To keep it short - they absolutely love it. One fan commented that he "listened to that 42-second snippet" of Jackson's new song so many times it's as if he's "sampling it." Another fan refers to Jackson's voice as "pure silk" and thanks Janet for her latest musical endeavor.

While they may have had to wait seven years for it, it appears that Janet Jackson's diehard fans are more than ready for her return and are in love with her new music.

[Photo Courtesy of Flickr]