World Cup Rematch: Colombia Beats Brazil, Literally

Jose Florez

Perhaps, the most exciting match since the FIFA World Cup last year almost ended in Neymar having to be hospitalized again.

The entire game was streaming online in numerous places, including the Guardian's Bryan Armen Graham -- who had the best live updates of the match.

However, despite the combining forces of Radamel Falcao and James Rodriguez against Brazil, neither scored a goal, and on top of that, Radamel Falcao, left before the second half of the match.

During the first 30 minutes of the game, Colombia shined as it made a goal and managed to defend throughout the first half. The only goal of the entire match was credited to Jeison Murillo from Colombia, as Daily Mail reports.

Likewise, James Rodriguez was oh so close to raising Colombia's score up to two goals. James Rodriguez is known for getting the golden boot at the 2014 FIFA World Cup for top goalscorer, respectively.

Throughtout the second half of the game, Colombia managed to defend itself from a very aggressive Brazil team, who attempted numerous comebacks. Neymar was definitely the star of the game for Brazil. The infamous Brazilian player came very close to changing the game to a tie -- several times.

During the match, many fans on social media didn't believe Colombia could keep the ball in the air for long and that a comeback from Brazil was just around the corner, along with another Brazil victory.

It didn't happen. A frustrated Neymar was feeling like a captain of a sinking ship throughout the entire match, desperately trying to regain control of the match.

Several fights broke out between Colombian and Brazilian players. And Neymar was among the few Brazilian players who got pushed around by Colombian players out of disgust for starting a fight earlier on. The fight was arguably more entertaining than the match itself.

The fight ended with Neymar and Bacca getting the red card, in addition to Neymar's brutal yet phenomenal push hitting viral numbers on social media.

Take a peep for yourself:


All in all, Colombia beats Brazil, literally. The match ended with Colombia: 1, and Brazil: 0, a win that every Colombian fan has been desperately waiting for.

[Photo via: FIFA Copa America Chile 2015]