Nicole Richie Regrets Her Neck Tattoo, Says ‘I Was An Idiot’

Christopher PolkGetty Images

Nicole Richie has made some regrettable decisions in her life and career (The Simple Life, anyone?), but her latest regret is one that’s only become visible since she adopted a new pixie haircut: her neck tattoo.

In an interview for Into The Gloss, the now 33-year-old Richie gave some hair and beauty tips, but then opened up a little bit about her neck tattoo regret.

“I have a few tattoos, but I haven’t gotten a new one since I was 21. I was a 19-year-old idiot when I got this tattoo on the back of my neck. You can see it now with the short hair but people aren’t asking about it, which is nice.”

As neck tattoos go, Nicole’s is rather subtle – a little red bow above the word “Richie” – and you wouldn’t see it unless you were specifically looking for it.

Her neck tattoo isn’t the only ink Nicole regrets, however: last summer, Richie opened up to E! Online about another tattoo she wishes the hand’t gotten: the word “Virgin” on her wrist, which she got when she was 16 (begging the question, who is tattooing 16-year-olds?).

“See this tattoo? It says ‘virgin,’ you guys. It’s embarrassing and desperate. Now, I am a Virgo so when I was 16 I thought, ‘Ooh I’m going to be different and I’m going to put virgin, because the Virgin is the sign for Virgo. I’d add an i and an a and say I’m from Virginia, but I just don’t think people are going to believe me. So I’m just stuck.”

Nicole also has a tattoo on her… waist, which she calls her “butt crack cross,” that she regrets so much she considered tattoo-removal surgery to get rid of it, according to People.

Nicole Richie is not alone in regretting her tattoos. According to Huffington Post, at least 14 percent of Americans regret at least one of their tats. Unfortunately, tattoo removal is a long and painful process, according to Cosmopolitan, so think twice (and three times and four times) before getting ink you may later regret.

Fortunately, Nicole, now a mother of two boys, keeps a sense of humor about her tattoos, if her Instagram account is to be believed.

Do you have any tattoos, neck or otherwise, that, like Nicole Richie, you regret? Share your thoughts in the Comments below.