Rosie Perez Reveals Lesbian Teen Romance, Supports LGBTQ Suicide Prevention Trevor Project With Sir Ian [Video]

Rosie Perez discussed her teenage romance with a girl during high school, qualifying that she doesn’t regard herself as a lesbian. At 50, The View co-host has become famed for her outspoken nature, and Rosie dished on her sexuality details during her appearance at TrevorLIVE New York, reported MSN.

The event is designed around The Trevor Project, which is an LGBTQ organization that aims to prevent suicide among young people. During her discussion, Rosie chatted about questioning her sexuality and getting intimate with a peer named Michelle.

“Every human being, whether they want to admit it or not, went through a period of questioning. I know I did,” mused Perez.

During that questioning, says Rosie, she had one desire with regard to Michelle.

“All I wanted to do was h**p her. And I suppressed the urge and suppressed the urge and suppressed the urge until Michelle one day started h***ing on me.”

However, when their intimacy ended, the emotional pain began, added Rosie. Perez emphasized that if she had access to the Trevor Project hotline at that time, it would have helped. To do this day, she recalls how miserable she felt.

“I remember that hurt, and that hurt kept me silent and that silence brought shame. I didn’t have a community. I didn’t have The Trevor Project.”

Married since 2013 to Eric Haze, sexuality issues have become clear for Rosie. Perez clarified how she views herself today.

“I know I’m not lesbian, gay or whatever, I’m a quasi-straight person [but] I still went through that period,” said The View co-host. “And I thought I was all alone.”

Now, looking back, support such as the Trevor Project provides would have helped, said Rosie. Perez emphasized her gratitude about how much the world has changed.

“If I had other people, specifically adults, if I was just able to call up and they said, ‘Oh, I h—-ed the Michelle-type person too, you’re normal, don’t worry. You’re either gonna go here, there or in the middle, don’t worry about it, it’ll pass. You’re just figuring it out,’ even that simple statement, that simple conversation of someone else — an adult telling their story to a child — would have made all the difference in the world. Thank God we’re here in the 21st century and we have that with The Trevor Project.”

As the Inquisitr reported, Miley Cyrus also has stepped up to show her support for the LGBT community.

The singer teamed up with Ariana Grande to do a duet, as well as teaming up with other celebrities, to help publicize her new Happy Hippie Foundation for homeless and LGBT youth.

In addition to Rosie Perez, speaking out for The Trevor Project was Sir Ian McKellen, reported Playbill.

He received the Trevor Hero Award in response to his passion for backing the LGBT community, quoting Shakespeare to reveal his view that ignorance and violence should not be condoned.

Among the resources of The Trevor Project are a 24/7 hotline.

[Photo by Ethan Miller / Getty Images]