Kristen Taekman Slams Ramona Singer, Says ‘RHONY’ Co-Star ‘Needs To Back The F*** Up’

Kristen Taekman is so over Ramona Singer’s pot stirring ways. The RHONY star says Singer needs to “back the f*** up” and keep her negative comments to herself.

On Tuesday’s episode of the Real Housewives of New York, Ramona came to Luann’s fashion line party with guns blazing and made a beeline to confront Kristen Taekman for upsetting Bethenny Frankel in regards to the Housewives’ upcoming trip to Turks and Caicos, reports Hollywood Life. The exchange between the cast mates went south when Singer called Taekman dumb, which apparently is a sore point for the RHONY star.

Following Tuesday’s episode airing, Kristen Taekman took to her Bravo blog to put Ramona Singer on blast. According to the Pop of Color creator, her co-star is a “rambling… s*** pot” stirrer.

“So because Bethenny is going through a divorce, I am not supposed to ask her about the trip? I should wait and hear about it later through the grapevine? Ramona, you don’t make the rules. I do what I want, and she needs to back the F up. I am so over Ramona and her opinions. She walks right into Lu’s event and immediately criticizes and attacks me about NOTHING. Whatever, nice comeback … ‘I’m dumb’ … ohhh, haven’t heard that one before. She just rambles and rambles and rambles and stirs the sh– pot.”

Although Ramona obviously felt justified in confronting her, Taekman says Singer’s attack is just one more example of how she does not fit into the RHONY group.

“Ramona, you have a history with these women — years and years of friendships. I am an acquaintance of yours, just met Dorinda, and have talked to Bethenny once for maybe a minute or two. I’m the first to admit I do not fit into your little group. That is clearly obvious, and that is just fine with me. I know where my place is and Upper East Side and downtown are two different worlds, and I’m fine staying downtown with my family and friends. I understand we have nothing in common. I am still merely a MILF and not yet a cougar or, in your case, a panther. So back up and keep all your damn comments and negative energy to yourself, because I am so over your lack of respect.”

This is not the first time Kristen Taekman has taken issue with someone calling her dumb. As the Inquisitr previously reported, the RHONY star took issue with Bethenny Frankel saying she was dumb for not having trademarked her business name. Although Frankel quickly shut Taekman down when confronted, the Skinnygirl mogul later denied having called her co-star dumb.

The Real Housewives of New York airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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