Evernote. Why it will make it & 20 Awesome Ways to Use It.

Duncan Riley

A guest post from Zee, the Creative Director at London based digital agency, WeDoCreative

Evernote, make no quibbles about it, has changed the way I store my information &, if it hasn't already, should be the way it stores yours.

Firstly, what is it? Evernote is a tool which stores notes, documents images and gives you the ability to be able to access search them from wherever you are. Still unclear? Here's a video of Evernote's CEO Phil Libin giving you a 1 minute run down of his service.

Before we go into why it's special, here's a little background, Evernote was initially just a desktop application, a mighty fine one at, but just a desktop application all the same. On June 24th 2008, Evernote went into open beta open its (virtual) doors to the world as a spanking new online service with desktop versions of the tool for Mac's PC's and mobile versions for windows mobile and now, the iPhone.

So why is it such a special tool you ask...why do I, as well as the majority of other Evernote users have so much passion faith in the product. Well firstly, the company have been in the information business for a while now, they've built a solid reputation it's clear they aren't going to dissapear without a fight. Secondly, they have a loyal user base which has only grown since they're expansion onto the web. Thirdly, innovation - they have really mastered it hopefully won't be losing their touch any time soon.

Lets forget however about the three reasons above and take evernote on face value. Why is it such a great tool? Here are four of the best features it offers:

1. It runs on Mac's, PC's, Online on your iPhone. So no matter where you are, you've got access to your information.

2. Evernote can read text in your images So if you've got a photo like one I took of a receipt, it will scan it make it searchable. In this particular example I searched for receipt obiously.

Although not perfect, it works better than i ever expect it to is much more efficient than going through a drawer of receipts let me tell you.

3. Fantastic number of ways to get your information into it but the basics: you can email to it, take a photo send it to it, you can take a screenshot or just simply copy paste text into it. If you have a graphics tablet, you can take handwritten notes and of course...if you're primarily browser based - you can use their firefox extension or bookmarklet which lets you grab any web page, image or text and create a note out of it.

4. Sync baby. Whether you've got one compute or 1000. Evernote will stay in sync across them all. It's good like that :].

For more information a detailed visual run through of Evernote how to use it - have a watch of this video. It's lengthy, but if you have the time then go ahead watch it, if not - don't worry, you've got the basics the application is pretty intuitive.

Let's move onto the final part of this post...

Ways to use Evernote.

With all the beauty of this innovative tool there are still things I'd like to see included:

1. Copy Paste text from text in the images. Or the ability to literally see a txt version of the image if you see what i mean.

2. More media types - no not people - I mean audio, video, word docs, zip files etc..

3. Even better faster OCR.

4. Ability to edit notes on the iphone - unfortunately you can't currently edit previous notes on the iphone.

5. Sharing a notebook amongst peers/friends not publicly.

6. Know how many other people bookmarked the same link - possibly even be able to search for links similar to delicious - except without knowing who bookmarked what.

6. Tree like structure to folders or notebooks - so you have one notebook within another...although if you're tag man person, you'll be very comfortable.

For some honest thought from people on Evernote - have a read: here, here here.

What do you love about Evernote? What you like to see improved what are you using it for...? And if you're not using it - why not what else are you using?

About the author: Zee is Creative Director at London based digital agency, WeDoCreative, Editor at Lifehacking Productivity Blog: ProProductivity.com and an active Friendfeeder Twitterer

Update: Robert Scoble interview with Evernote Phil Libin below: