Friends Of Indian Student Sai Kiran, Shot Dead In Florida, Terrified Of Continuing Their Studies In The U.S.

Following the brutal murder of 23-year-old Sai Kiran, an Indian student in Florida, many of his friends have reservations on continuing their higher studies in the U.S. It was on Sunday that the Inquisitr initially reported about the murder of Sai Kiran who was killed by unidentified gunmen — presumably robbers who shot him dead after Sai refused to give them his iPhone.

Two days since the report, we now have the Times Of India reporting that one of Sai Kiran’s roommates identified as Manoj is doing a rethink on his plans to continue his studies in the U.S. Like Sai Kiran, Manoj too is a student at the Miami Atlantic University. The report adds that Manoj is planning to travel back to India in the same plane in which Sai’s body is scheduled to be flown down.

According to Zee News, on Monday, Manoj contacted the devastated family members of Sai Kiran in India and gave them all the details and documents needed to send the body to India. Sai Kiran’s father confirmed receipt of an email sent by Manoj and revealed that the Indian community in the region is doing their best to help send Sai’s body to India without further delay.

“We have filled all documents and emailed them back to Manoj. Telugu Association of North America (TANA) local representatives are also helping Manoj in bringing back the body to India,” Sai Kiran’s father Srihari told a Times of India reporter.

Meanwhile, Manoj, who is also from Sai Kiran’s native city of Hyderabad, India, is also planning to return to India for good. Following Sai’s gruesome death, Manoj’s family members are worried and have repeatedly asked him to quit studies in the U.S. and go back to India. A close relative of Sai Kiran confirmed the news that Manoj’s parents are indeed planning to bring Manoj back to India for good.

Another friend of Sai Kiran, identified as Mahesh, described the situation in Miami in the days before the shooting took place. According to him, the victim was not too happy with his stay in the U.S. either.

“Sai Kiran was unhappy about non-availability of part-time work options in and around the Atlantis University. After speaking to senior students, he also became apprehensive about career options after completion of the course. He was even thinking of quitting the course and returning to Hyderabad to avoid further unnecessary expenditure as he had already spent about Rs 12 lakh for admission and stay,” Mahesh told TOI.

No arrests have been made in the case so far, a Local 10 report confirmed. However, in a new development, several of Kiran’s flatmates said that there was some sort of an altercation between Kiran and a group of local youngsters a few days before the murder took place. At this stage, it is unclear if the same people were behind the murder.

[Image Via Local 10]

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