Kylie Jenner Battles Self-Esteem With Sexy Selfies From Secret Photo Shoots

There’s no doubt that all eyes have been on Kylie Jenner for the past few months. Now, it looks like the 17-year-old continues to push the envelope and make headlines with her sexy selfies from several of her secret photo shoots. Some would say that the reason why Kylie is taking these sexy photos is to overcome her self-esteem issues.

Kylie Jenner is dealing with the pressures of fame and all that comes with it. Not only is she on one of the biggest reality shows of this moment, but she’s constantly in the public eye. Jenner receives criticism not only for her sexy photos, but also for her relationship with an older man and for her alleged wild behavior. According to Jenner’s recent interview with Reveal magazine, she’s struggling more than she’s letting on.


The magazine claims that Kylie is not taking Caitlyn Jenner’s transition well. She also can’t deal with the cruel comments about her mother. Even one of Kylie’s good friends, Chris Brown, made an insensitive joke about Caitlyn, referring to her as a “science project,” as previously reported via the Inquisitr.

The Jenner teen responded to Brown in the comments section by writing: “Not very nice to say about your friends dad.” (sic)

She’s also in an Instagram feud with Tyga’s ex-girlfriend, Blac Chyna. The two ladies have been subtly taking digs at each other on the social media app. Earlier this month, Kylie admits that she hates living her life in the public eye sometimes.

“I feel like I go through these times where I hate my life.”

The youngest Jenner sister is not going to go to therapy to talk about her problems. She’s using Instagram as her outlet to post sexy selfies from her so-called secret photo shoots, so she can feel better about herself and to show people what she “wants” them to see, like she said on Twitter.

In her May 2015 interview with Teen Vogue, Kylie admitted that she struggles with self-esteem issues after receiving comments from online trolls and living with beautiful older sisters. Even though she struggles with her self-esteem, Kylie says she focuses on the inside rather than the outside.

“I feel like I’ve heard the worst anyone can say about me over and over every day. So it’s like my self-esteem definitely wasn’t good at a point, I guess?… But especially having the most beautiful sisters in the world…I just try to find what makes me feel good and be as confident as possible.”

What has Kylie Jenner been working on besides secret photo shoots? Well, it’s not a secret album for one thing, despite what countless reports have said. Jenner announced on Twitter over the past weekend that she’s working on a new website that will include fashion and beauty content. It looks like Jenner is ignoring her issues by focusing on her work. She also just released a Topshop collection with Kendall Jenner alongside their collaboration with PacSun.

What are your thoughts on Kylie Jenner? Do you think the teen is desperate to portray a perfect life and image with her sexy selfies instead of tackling her issues head-on? Share your thoughts below in the comments section.

[Image: Jason Merritt/Getty Images]