Dallas Cowboys Rumors: If Dez Bryant Holds Out, The Cowboys May Go After These Wide Receivers

This offseason for the Dallas Cowboys has been one of ups and downs, and a lot of not knowing what was to come. With the Adrian Peterson rumors gone, now, the focus has turned to wide receiver Dez Bryant. The threat of Bryant sitting out regular season games until he gets a long-term deal is a possibility, and it has the Cowboys looking at some free agent pass catchers.

While it’s true that Bryant’s threats could end up being empty and just a way to scare the Cowboys, the team has to be prepared. There are a number of free agent wide receivers who very well could be brought in as insurance.

A couple of them may even end up being worthy of keeping around for more than just insurance purposes.

“This is not a rumor. It’s legit.”

Those were Dez Bryant‘s exact words as to whether he would actually consider sitting out regular season games. Now, the Dallas Cowboys have to see which of these receivers may be readily available to them, per Sports World Report.

Wes Welker – It’s well known that Welker is primarily a slot receiver, but he’s a dangerous option. Fansided believes that he could add a lot of depth to the Cowboys, who may be with just Cole Beasley and Terrence Williams, who would likely start if Bryant is out.

James Jones – For years, he was a great option for the Green Bay Packers and had one decent season with the Oakland Raiders last year. Jones is aging, though, but could still give the Cowboys a viable receiver if they call him up.

Reggie Wayne – One of the greatest receivers in NFL history and a very reliable option, Wayne is just waiting for someone to call him. He’s been without a job since the Colts released him, and he feels that he’s still got something to offer a team.

After this season, receivers such as Julio Jones and AJ Green could both head into free agency, but the Dallas Cowboys are concerned with this season. Their interest in those receivers could build up, but 2015 is the focus, and Bryant is threatening to miss games as soon as September.

Dez Bryant has the upper-hand right now, and he could really make the Dallas Cowboys nervous if training camp arrives and he doesn’t show up. If he doesn’t get a long-term deal by July 15, that very well could happen, but the Cowboys need to be proactive and think about the future now.

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