Mom Arrested After Pepper Spraying Baby During Dispute

24-year-old mother Janee Young was arrested last week after she pepper sprayed her toddler son during a dispute.

While that unfortunate event couldn’t possibly have a happy ending it turns out Young wasn’t trying to abuse her son, she’s just stupid. The mother was attempting to spray the boys father during an argument when she missed and sprayed the young boy in the eyes.

Perhaps Young should have realized that aiming the pepper spray in her sons direction was going to with court documents and a trip to the local police station.

Young was charged in Harris County District Court with one count of injury to a child.

Janee’s father was fine but the toddler was quickly taken to the hospital for observation, doctors found he suffered only minor injuries and the toddler was released to his father a short time after being admitted.

After her arrest Young was released on Saturday when she posted a $2,000 bond. The incident took place on Brant Rock in Houston.

This unfortunately is not the first time a young child has been pepper sprayed by a crazy lady, last year a female who was engaged with a man in Jersey City pepper-sprayed several children from the ages of 1 to 6 as they sat on the front porch of a home. That female sprayed the children because she was mad that another man asked her to stop swearing in front of the kids.

Do you think a $2,000 bond was too small a price to pay given the mothers blatant stupidity regarding her child’s safety?

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