Justin Bieber Called Out Instagram User Over Insult To Pal Khalil, NOT Zayn Malik

Justin Bieber is a very loyal friend it seems. The 21-year-old superstar took to Instagram on Monday (June 15) to call out an Instagram user for insulting Bieber’s pal, R&B singer Khalil Sharieff.

Bieber was responding to Instagram user Connor Darlington’s comment at one of Khalil’s non-captioned Instagram posts, in which Connor called Sharieff “self-obsessed.”

Khalil was signed by Bieber as an artist and the pair collaborated on Khalil’s 2014 mixtape, “A Long Story Short.” The pair were arrested last January in Miami Beach on suspicion of DUI. Their cases were resolved with lesser charges.

Some time after Darlington’s harsh verdict, Bieber left a comment — at what was then — Connor’s latest post, which just so happened to be a reposted photograph depicting a joke about Zayn Malik’s departure from the boy band One Direction.

Because of that, many Beliebers and Directioners initially believed Bieber was defending Malik over a harmless joke. But that was not the case.

Bieber took Darlington to task over his rude remark about Khalil.

At the Instagram above, Justin wrote, “You should be ashamed of yourself and how you talk to people, he’s a human being on a journey like the rest of us [.] Everyone is handed different cards you judgmental prick.”

Darlington, who also happens to be a Justin Bieber fan, later posted a screenshot of the Biebs’ comment, alongside a note which reads, “When Justin Bieber calls you a prick.”

Connor’s post also included a screenshot of his reply to Bieber. It said, “@justinbieber well no need to react like that Jesus.”

Inevitably, a flood of excitable fans descended on Connor Darlington’s Instagram to either agree with Justin’s remark or not. Many fans mistakenly thought that Bieber was defending Zayn and posted comments asking why the “Where Are U Now” singer reacted to such an innocuous joke.

As the word slowly got around that Bieber was actually calling out Darlington over his “self-obsessed” comment about Khalil, more fans began to agree with the Biebs. Other didn’t.

Based on comments at Connor’s various posts on the matter, many fans are still under the mistaken impression that Bieber was defending Zayn.

Before Connor cleared up the confusion he tweeted about Bieber putting him on blast.

Connor finally cleared up the Malik confusion by reposting a photo of Bieber, under a post headed “clear things up.” He then added an explanation.

“Just to clear things up, anyone that knows me knows that I idolise Justin, I’m forever being called gay for this s— but I never care, for god sakes I have a poster of him on my wall!” Darlington wrote.

Connor continued,”It doesn’t get gayer than that, but I’ve always followed him, been to his concerts, and cover his songs, yes he called me a prick for calling his artist ‘khalil’ self obsessed.”

Connor also wrote an apology to Khalil at the original Instagram post where he previously insulted Khalil. Darlington’s apology follows.

The gist of it suggests Connor may have written other insulting comments to Khalil.

Justin Bieber
(Photo: Screenshot of Connor Darlington's apology to Khalil Sharieff)

Darlington is an amateur singer and has posted YouTube covers of other artists. Since the Biebs contacted him, Connor has become known to many Directioners and Beliebers and has taken to retweeting messages from fans.

He has sensibly posted a link to his YouTube, asked fans to follow him on Snapchat, and shared a video of himself singing.

Darlington also Instagrammed a posting from a Justin Bieber fan Twitter account, which mistakenly stated that Bieber had been defending Zayn.

In his caption, Darlington wrote “… completely wrong.”

Since then, Connor seems to have perked up over the fact that his online encounter with Bieber made the news.

On Monday, he shared a screenshot of French media outlet’s erroneous post, captioning it, “Hitting those French news headlines.”

While fans continue to bicker among themselves, one possibly maturer Belieber replied to one fan with the following question.

“Don’t you get it? Justin knows Khalil. Connor doesn’t. I don’t. You don’t.”

“Justin was telling Connor to stop judging someone he doesn’t know. It’s that simple. We can think it’s an over-reaction all we like (and I don’t), but the fact is if Connor hadn’t insulted Khalil, Bieber wouldn’t have felt the need to respond.”

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