Nicki Minaj’s Still-Boyfriend, Meek Mill, Releasing New Video Game — ‘Bike Life’

While Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill have been rumored to have broken up, it seems those rumors are untrue. The duo announced Meek’s new video game recently. He even posted the ad to Instagram.

Nicki is in full support of Meek’s video game launch. They both can be seen on Instagram showing major excitement about it all. While rumors were still lingering about their supposed break-up, Minaj squashed all of that at the recent X Games.

Days after publicly announcing the game’s launch, he joined her in performance, as reports Latin Post.

“Despite the odd Instagram posts, Minaj and Mill, who fans have nicknamed Omeeka, have seemingly made up since then.”

Complex further elaborated on Omeeka’s performance as follows.

“Yesterday at the X Games in Austin, TX, it was evident that Minaj and her boyfriend put everything behind them. She was scheduled to perform and was not shy in bringing out the Philly rapper during her set. After performing songs like ‘Feeling Myself,’ ‘Only’ and ‘Truffle Butter,’ she let her boo shine with ‘I’ma Boss.’ They held it down together in true boss fashion…

…Afterwards, Meek couldn’t help but have a little fun. In what looks like an official statement that Omeeka is going strong, he shared with social media why he still has the hottest chick in the game.”

Nicki Minaj's Still-Boyfriend, Meek Mill, Releasing New Video Game — 'Bike Life'
Nicki Minaj's Still-Boyfriend, Meek Mill, Releasing New Video Game — 'Bike Life' II

And afterwards, Nicki was cuddled in Mill’s arms as they took pictures together. Neither appeared to be in “break-up” mode. It doesn’t appear to be the PDA of a couple going through a break-up, does it?

Nevertheless, to digress, Meek Mill’s Bike Life is set to release on both Google Play for Android users as well as the App Store for Apple users. Regardless of which device is used, it seems that his girlfriend, Nicki, is able to handle it so far. As she helped advertise Meek’s video game, she posted as follows.

“Babyyyyy this is dope. I know how to play it (a little bit).”

Nicki Minaj's Still-Boyfriend, Meek Mill, Releasing New Video Game — 'Bike Life' III

As can be seen from the credits of the game cover, it’s in collaboration with Mill’s Dreamchasers and IM3 Gaming Studios. As reports ABC Radio, it’s going to release later this year. Likewise, as Meek Mill loves speed, this game’s targeted demographic is the speed enthusiast.

You can check out a video Meek’s game on his Instagram page.

What are your thoughts on Nicki Minaj‘s and Meek Mill’s public reunion? How about his video game? Think it will be something you’d like to play? Feel free to share your comments below.

[Photo Credits: Instagram]