$10,000 Apple Watch Edition Destroyed By Bone Crushing Magnets, Video Painful To Watch

The Apple Watch Edition started shipping in May and a lot of Apple fans have undoubtedly started watching their mail and their credit card bill since then in the hopes of determining when this expensive watch will arrive at their doorstep.

And it is a very expensive watch.

The 38mm Apple Watch Edition is pegged at $10,000 while the price for the 42mm can start at $12,000. However, these prices can still go up depending on whether you picked the 18-karat gold or rose gold watch.

The smart watch will be delivered in a nondescript box, but it is what’s inside that counts. The Apple Watch Edition comes with a leather-covered case that has a built-in MagSafe charging cradle and dock, giving you a classy-looking, dual purpose box where you can store and charge your new watch.

Of course, numerous unboxing videos have since come out. One particular blogger, TechRax, also came out with his own YouTube video showing the unboxing of his 38mm, 18 carat gold, $10,000 Apple Watch Edition.

His next video then showed him trying to destroy his Apple Watch with magnets.

The short clip, which some people found painful to watch, showed the smart watch on the table, between two very powerful magnets.

The blogger used neodymium magnets that he described as being able to “crush bones and do significant damage” with the 650 pounds of pressure created when the magnets are pushed together.

And the magnets did do some significant damage when it crushed the Apple Watch Edition in between them. You can even see a spark at the moment the magnets hit the watch. A part of the Apple Watch’s vaunted screen also detached from it.

When TechRax was finally able to wrench his $10,000 smart watch away from the magnets, it was clear that it suffered major damage.

But when the blogger assessed it he found that “the back is looking pretty good and the gold in general did pretty good.”

More significantly, the watch made that distinct “ping” noise when it was placed in its box to be charged, leaving the blogger to draw the conclusion that “something in there is still working” and can still be repaired.

Who knows how he’ll get the screen fixed though.

TechRax is notorious for his videos that show him trying to destroy Apple devices, not because he hates the brand but because it’s profitable for him.

Google sells ads on his videos at a premium rate, ranging from $2.50 to $5, and it’s profitable enough to generate good money for the blogger.

Aside from benefiting those with a fetish to see Apple gadgets annihilated, TechRax’ videos can also help teach people what not to do to their iPhones and Apple Watches.

[Image via YouTube]

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