Apple Introduces Apple Music, Offers Better And Cheaper Streaming Service

Apple has pioneered a lot of the technology being used today. The company revolutionized how people listened to music with iTunes and how they read the news with its Newsstand app. But once Apple planted the seeds, as it is, it appeared to be content to let other companies like Spotify and Flipboard build and expand on it.

But now the Cupertino-based company wants to reap what it has sown with Apple Music, its all-in-one music platform. With it, users can enjoy an on-demand streaming service, a global radio station and a social networking app for musicians and their fans.

It’s a smart move for the company as it can tap the millions who use smartphones and tablets and those who already have iTunes accounts. However, the service doesn’t offer anything unique as these features are already available in the market.

But what Apple is offering is a big slash on the service’s price. Users are offered a subscription service that’s pegged at $10 a month after a three-month trial period. The company also has a family plan where up to 6 family members can share one account for only $15. That’s a far cry from Spotify’s family plan that costs $15 for two people only and Rdio’s $30 plan that is shared by five users.

Of course, as with every Apple product launch, competitors are wary and are bracing for the announcement’s impact.

Rdio reacted in a very formal manner, tweeting a welcome that harkens back to how Apple reacted to IBM’s entry into the personal computer market in 1981.

“Welcome, Apple. Seriously,” the tweet read.

It then goes on to welcome its competitor and underlined the importance their services are providing for consumers and their music.

Pandora Radio remained confident in its role as market leader while Spotify’s CEO Daniel Ek opted for a cryptic “oh ok” tweet during Tim Cook’s introduction of Apple Music.

While Ek only had 2 words to say about the announcement, Spotify’s Jonathan Price, head of communications and public policy, commented that they “already have similar family pricing in some markets and we expect to offer competitive pricing everywhere in the near future.”

Price mentioned Sweden as an example as the company is already charging a family plan of five people only $20 a month.

And based on Price’s reaction, it’s safe to assume that Spotify will be calling Apple’s bluff and will match the company’s pricing.

Apple Music will be available on Apple’s devices on June 30. The company also plans to offer its music streaming service to Android devices within the year.

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