Amber Rose’s Daily Life: ‘I Try To Be As Normal As Possible’? Unseen Paparazzi

Amber Rose’s daily life can be more complicated than publicly realized. In various, recent interviews, Rose’s pictures and internet worth is made famous by the everyday-paparazzi.

In past interviews, Amber has made it clear that she’s never asked for the public to like her, nor has she asked for fame — directly. At moments, while speaking publicly against the nuances with which she deals, she’s had to choke back tears.

In an Amber Rose quote from Cosmopolitan, she states as follows.

“I never wanted to be famous. I never asked for that. I didn’t even say anything for years. The world can’t be mad at me because people took a liking to my look. No one even knew what my voice sounded like…”

“…One day, I just woke up and I was like, ‘You know what? I can’t sit around and stress anymore about the Internet and what people say about me. I just gotta do me.'”

Rose says that it’s a lot harder to just be herself. For example, she stated that she can’t simply go to the store for something without getting glam’d up first. Though she would love to, fully, she can’t because a lot of paparazzi aren’t obvious with it now.

While in an interview with Big Boy TV, Amber’s response to his questions spoke into her character. Rose quotes as follows.

“You know what? I try to be as normal as possible…it is pretty difficult nowadays, but I still try…I got to the point where I stopped giving a s***. At a certain point, it’s just out of my hands.”

“Like, I landed at JFK the other day, and I didn’t see any paparazzi at all. And then, the next day, my assistant was like, ‘Yo! Paparazzi took mad pictures of us.’ And I’m like, ‘Where the h*** were they??’ I didn’t even see them.”

“It’s so scary because you constantly have anxiety no matter where you are. If you sneeze, you’re like, ‘Oh my god…I bet paparazzi just got that, and I’m probably looking crazy.’ But, like I said, at a certain point, you just gotta stop caring.”

Could you imagine living that type of life? What if you weren’t able to completely be yourself in public? What if you had to constant watch every move you made, always feeling that eyes are on you? What if you couldn’t post what you wanted to Twitter or Instagram without being judged by the entire country?

Amber Rose's Daily Life - 'I Try To Be As Normal As Possible' - Unseen Paparazzi
Credits: Rich Polk/Getty Images Entertainment

Does it slightly change your thoughts about what Amber Rose goes through? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

[Photo Credits: Rich Polk/Getty Images Entertainment]