Chobani Lesbian-Themed Commercial Showing Two Naked Women In Bed Goes Viral, Gets An Earful Of Gay Backlash On YouTube [Video]

Yogurt makers Chobani have found a way to step into the controversial fray of how homosexuality is displayed when the below video, published to the Chobani YouTube channel on June 15, went viral. Celebrating the LGBT life, Chobani played coy with viewers by showing an attractive woman enjoying the last of her Chobani yogurt in bed. She appears to be naked with just a sheet covering her fit body. A figure in the background lounges around in bed, too, presumably naked — and presumably a man.

Lo and behold, when the Chobani-loving woman tickles the feet of her bedmate and that naked person turns over, viewers get a quick peek to see that it is indeed a woman and not a man, as most viewers assume. In their YouTube video description, Chobani makes no apologies for the message they are putting across to viewers and gives it a hashtag to help viewers express themselves about the campaign called #LoveThisLife. While most of the #LoveThisLife tweets on Twitter at the moment are reflecting tweets about people who actually love their lives and are tweeting about mundane and beautiful things, expect those polarized views to pop up regarding the Chobani commercial as it becomes more popular.

“To love this life is to live it naturally. That’s why we created Chobani Simply 100, a delicious, naturally sweetened Greek yogurt full on flavor and satisfaction with 12g of protein, 5g of fiber and only 100 calories. It’s a natural, simple way to add balance to your day. #LoveThisLife”

With more than 10,000 views for the Chobani video featuring lesbians flowing into YouTube shortly after the Huffington Post brought the video to light, it’s no wonder tons of comments from folks expressing their opinion of the bold new ad are appearing on the Chobani YouTube channel.

According to YouTube user spoiledsandi, the Chobani ad played on TV, and the parent was forced to explain the situation to a young child.

“Wow i just saw this on tv and my kid just asked me why she was lying with her, and at first i thought it was a man but now……thx now i have to explain this to a 4 year old.”

Some comments, such as the one from YouTube user Leibo R Raibstein, can be categorized under the “freaking hilarious” category.

“What’s the message here? The yogurt tastes like vagina?”

As reported by the Inquisitr, besides the Chobani viral lesbian commercial video, the video of officer Nathan Blanford shooting and killing a man who attacked him with a flag pole has also gone viral.

[Image via Chobani YouTube channel]

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