Ashley Nino Allegedly Threw Her Baby Across Room During Argument With Boyfriend

Texas mother Ashley Nino has been charged with injury to a child, after she allegedly threw her baby across a room while arguing with her 19-year-old boyfriend. Investigation Discovery’s Crime Feed reports that the 20-year-old mother caused her baby to injure her back on her crib during the incident.

The incident reportedly began when the Corpus Christi woman and her boyfriend (who is not being identified) got into an argument over money. The boyfriend told authorities that Ashley threatened to attack him with a pocketknife, which was met with his own threat to call the police. The 20-year-old woman was infuriated by his threats to call the authorities, and that is when she allegedly threw her 5-month-old daughter across the room, causing her to hit her back on her crib.

KRISTV News 6 reports that Ashley Nino fled from the scene of the incident after throwing her baby because her 19-year-old boyfriend called the police on her immediately after the shocking behavior. Police were able to track her down to a residence on Prescott Street. No other details are available about her arrest — such as whether or not she’s been able to post bond, or if she’s going to be allowed contact with her baby after throwing her child. Similarly, there are no reports indicating whether or not the 19-year-old boyfriend will even allow it.

Ashley Nino is not the only mom to be accused of throwing her own baby. Earlier this year, a mom in Allentown, Pennsylvania threw her 1-year-old son from a bridge before jumping in an attempted murder-suicide. In 2014, another Pennsylvania woman reportedly threw her 2-month-old son against a wall when she became frustrated with him. The 18-year-old mother was charged with aggravated assault, simple assault and child endangerment. This year in Connecticut, a father became so frustrated with his crying infant that he also threw her against a wall. The 3-month-old baby suffered from a broken wrist and six different skull fractures. Similar to Nino’s case, a Tennessee man threw his baby — strapped into her car seat — at his girlfriend during a fight inside their mobile home.

Situations like these are horrific and can be avoided. Children have died at the hands of their parents during incidents much like the fight between Ashley Nino and her boyfriend. It’s fortunate that the 19-year-old father had the presence of mind and love for his daughter to call 911 and get her help, while having the woman accused of throwing her arrested.

[Photo: Corpus Christi Police Department mugshot/Ashley Nino]

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