June 15, 2015
Girls' Generation Prepares For An Eight-Member Return -- Sooyoung And Tiffany Trigger Speculation Of Comeback Direction

At this moment, the most prominent K-pop band in Korea is Big Bang. With their hit "Bang Bang Bang" topping both the Korean and U.S. charts, it is evident they are the current kings of the K-pop mountain. However, K-pop bands seldom stay on top for long due to fans' changing preferences. For example, before Big Bang, there was Super Junior and Beast. And if things keep going the way they are going, EXO might be the new "it" K-pop group, especially if they pull off a K-pop crossover.

However, Big Bang's success is technically a return because they formed back in 2006. And now, another K-pop group is about to do the same thing they did as reports show Girls' Generation (So Nyeo Shi Dae, SNSD) is preparing for a 2015 return. Not only that, certain members -- specifically Sooyoung and Tiffany -- are showing off their new looks, causing banter on the direction Girls' Generation is going.

First and foremost, news of Girls' Generation's 2015 return was first announced back in February through China Topix. According to sources close to the now eight-member group back then, they plan to release their latest album this year. The plan was initially set for a May release, and they generated hype with their recent music video, "Catch Me if You Can."

Sooyoung Pink Hair
Sooyoung showed off her new hairstyle - short pink hair - on her official Instagram account.

Unfortunately for Girls' Generation fans, May has come and gone with no album released. Yet, they are still excited because the groups' members are hinting about the direction of their upcoming album (primarily future music videos) through social media. This is especially true for Sooyoung and Tiffany, as reported by KpopStarz. For Sooyoung, her hint came from an update on June 10, 2015, on her official Instagram. While in Thailand, she quickly posted a cute selfie while giving the peace sign. However, it was her pink hair that received the most attention. Still, fans could not discern from the selfie the direction Girls' Generation was going with whatever music video they were working on. Yet, they still expressed admiration.

For Tiffany, it is a different story because what she showed caused a flurry of speculation. On June 11, 2015, Tiffany (known affectionately as "Fany") posted a selfie on her own official Instagram account. In it, she is enjoying a quick snack while wearing a very sexy outfit, showing off her slim figure. Yet, the one detail everyone noticed was the peek of a sexy rib tattoo on Tiffany's right side (assuming the pictures are not mirrored).

Tiffany SNSD Instagram
Tiffany posts a selfie of herself enjoying a quick bite on her official Instagram. Her tattoo received a lot of attention.

Because of the revealing outfit Tiffany is wearing along with the tattoo, many Girls' Generation fans believe the music video associated with the selfie will be extremely sexy. Given the fact Sooyoung's selfie is just a single day older than Tiffany's, it is assumed they are still in Thailand, a place known worldwide for their exotic beaches. Girls' Generation fans are taking the backdrop as a concept the K-pop group will be performing in sexy swimsuits.

At this point, the only thing Girls' Generation fans can do is anticipate. Fortunately, waiting may soon come to an end as it is now expected the new album will release either late this month (June) or early next month (July). Let's just hope Girls' Generation doesn't push the date back again. But then again, such a push might mean they are doing their best to deliver something spectacular.

[Featured Image via Girls' Generation Official Facebook, Post Images via Official Instagram of Sooyoung and Tiffany]