Gabi Grecko Pregnant: 26-Year-Old Pregnant With 72-Year-Old Husband’s Baby, Faces Controversy

Gabi Grecko is pregnant with a man who is much older than she is, and she is tired of being ridiculed. According to Mail Online, the 26-year-old model recently spoke out about the negativity she’s facing, being pregnant at age 26 with her 72-year-old husband’s baby.

“They don’t know what’s going on. They don’t want to help. They don’t want to make things better. They just want to attack me and I don’t want them to attack my baby. I want all of those wishes and all of those people out there to be positive towards it because I’m already worried you know. I want things to go right.”

But, of course, there is more to this story.

Gabi Grecko claims that she is pregnant, and says that she’s super excited about becoming a mother. However, it hasn’t all been smooth sailing for this woman. A couple of internet mistakes (for lack of a better term) have led to a ton of controversy, and many people don’t believe that Gabi is even pregnant.

This all started when Gabi posted a photo of a positive pregnancy test on her Instagram account — a photo that she downloaded from Google. She says that she wasn’t looking her best when she took a photo with her own pregnancy test, so she borrowed one from the internet. While some people might be able to understand that, a lot of people think that the whole thing was made up for attention.

The controversy continued when Gabi gave different media outlets different sides of her story. To one she said that she was not on contraceptives, and that she and her husband, Geoffrey Edelsten (whom she married last Thursday in a “shotgun wedding” because Gabi’s visa was set to expire), were indeed trying to have a child together. In another interview, Grecko was quoted as saying that the pregnancy was an absolute shock to her, and that the baby was “not planned.”

Gabi Grecko won’t be able to lie about being pregnant for very long, as her body will soon start changing if she’s telling the truth. According to the Telegraph, Gabi says that she’s hoping to have a boy, and to name him after her husband. As for Geoffrey — who has a son the same age as his wife — he seems happy to be having another child, even if it is rather late in his life.

“I didn’t know how he felt about it. We had talked about it and he seemed really happy,” Grecko explained.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, a woman named Carrie Crowther has been accused of faking a pregnancy. Some believe that Grecko is doing the same, or that both women are having “phantom pregnancies.” Thoughts?

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