Did Carrie Crowther Fake Pregnancy? New Details Revealed In Bizarre Case

Carrie Crowther is safe after going missing the day her baby was scheduled to be born. However, it’s been widely reported that she was no longer pregnant when she resurfaced after her mysterious disappearance. Through all the speculation over the past few days, more information has finally been revealed about the once-missing woman’s unborn child. According to Inside Edition, that unborn child may not have even existed in the first place. So did the North Carolina woman fake her pregnancy and try to skip town to avoid facing the truth, or has she been suffering from some kind of somatic disorder?

Inside Edition says that Crowther may have suffered from what is known as a phantom pregnancy — i.e., a pregnancy that is imaginary. At 49-years-old, the woman may not have even been pregnant in the first place, even though her loved ones believed that they’d soon be welcoming a new addition into their lives. Their hopes were dashed when their missing loved one turned up minus a baby.

It should be noted that it hasn’t been confirmed by police or family members whether or not this was a case of phantom pregnancy. So it’s hard to tell if Inside Edition is simply speculating or not. On the other hand hand, it seems that many mainstream news sources are speculating, including the Daily Mail, which reported that the woman “lost” her baby. The tabloid wrote that Carrie Crowther’s family has only cryptically stated that there “is no baby.” This could mean any number of things from the child being stillborn to it simply not existing at all.

If Carrie Crowther suffered from a phantom pregnancy, then why wasn’t it detected before she was so close to her presumed due date? At 49-years-old, any pregnancy would be a high-risk one, putting her at higher likelihood of a laundry list of complications. So did Crowther maintain a pregnancy a full nine months without ever getting an ultrasound or some other kind of doctor’s exam? With the speculation that this once-missing woman suffered from a somatic condition, there are even more questions that need answering.

Carrie Crowther herself has not spoken out personally regarding her mysterious disappearance and her even more mysterious pregnancy. Meanwhile, her privacy is protected by HIPAA laws, so any information pertaining to her pregnancy (or lack thereof) may never be known by the public.

[Photo: Family photo via WRAL]

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