Rachel Dolezal: Parents Speak Out Yet Again Following Resignation, Does She Have A Mental Problem?

On June 12, former NAACP leader Rachel Dolezal broke the internet when she was outed as a white woman posing as an African-American public figure. Once the shocking claim about Dolezal’s false portrayal was made public, it definitely didn’t take long for hundreds of media outlets to report the news.

The 37-year-old Eastern Washington University professor became the face of nearly every headline and the butt of many social media jokes. Although the NAACP released an official statement in support of Dolezal, on Monday, June 15, she ultimately decided to step down. In a lengthy, open letter published on the Spokane NAACP Facebook page, Dolezal announced her intent to step down, reports CBS News.

“In the eye of this current storm, I can see that a separation of family and organizational outcomes is in the best interest of the NAACP.”

However, the media firestorm hasn’t dissolved yet. Following the announcement of Dolezal’s departure, her parents Lawrence and Ruthanne Dolezal were interviewed by ABC News yet again.

During this particular discussion, they spoke candidly about their daughter’s actions, insisting she get the “help” she needs. Needless to say, the couple is quite perplexed and cannot understand why she’s chosen to live a life built on so many falsified occurrences.

“Rachel is trying to reject her own reality, her own identity, and by doing that she does not alter reality,” Ruthanne Dolezal said. “I would say, ‘Rachel we love you. We hope you’ll get the help you need to deal with your own personal issues so that you can know and believe and speak the truth.'”

Due to the overwhelming number of fabricated stories Dolezal has reportedly told prior to relocating to Spokane, her family wonders if there are some underlying issues that contribute to her warped perception of reality.

Even her adopted brothers have spoken out with details about their questionable interactions with their sisters. However, her father has shared details about the gradual changes in her appearance. He revealed the changes actually began when she was in college, reports Raw Story.

“Before that though she went to Belhaven College in Jackson, Mississippi, to be part of a racial reconciliation community development project which was an open expression to the community of Jackson, Mississippi, that blacks and whites could live in harmony together and be fully reconciled,” he said. “She did that for four years at Jackson before she went to Howard.”

At this point, no one knows what’s next for Rachel Dolezal, but as the media continues to dig into her past, there’s a strong possibility more lies could be revealed.

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