Four NYPD Officers Injured in Shootout After Elevator Dispute

Four NYPD police officers were injured in a Brooklyn apartment building yesterday when an argument over a blocked service elevator turned into a full-blown, Wild-West shootout.

The suspect in the shooting is 33-year-old Nakwon Foxworth who was with his pregnant girlfriend Jessica Hickling and their 4-month-old son at the time. They became frustrated with movers who were blocking the entrance to the elevator with a barrel late on Saturday night. Acting like a child himself, “He took the stroller, with the baby in it, and started ramming it into the barrel. He became very angry. The woman started screaming, ‘The baby! The baby!'” said one of the movers. Then Foxworth pulled a gun, threatening the movers, and then throwing it into the child’s stroller. Yes. “My friend ran, and he chased him to the truck,” the mover continued. “He came back inside and threw the gun in the baby’s stroller. He put his finger in my face and threatened me. The girl was screaming, ‘Calm down! Calm down!’”

And here’s how a “gentlemanly” dispute turns into the O.K. Corral.

Movers called the police as Foxworth – already an ex-con who’s done time for attempted murder – took his pregnant girlfriend and baby back to their apartment. Police showed up, prepared for a standoff, as Hickling escaped with her son about 12:30am. Foxworth then started shooting wildly through the open door, about 10 feet away from police. “The shots were almost whizzing by my door. It was like a little war,” a neighbor said.

After a violent exchange, Foxworth was shot in the stomach. He is currently in critical but stable condition. The four injured officers are in good condition, three taking shots to the leg and one taking a bullet to the face.

One of the officers, Detective Kenneth Ayala, is being credited as the hero of the shootout. He managed to hold onto the police shield and protect his fellow officers… after already taking two bullets himself.

NYPD officers later found a cache of illegal guns and ammo in Foxworth’s apartment.

This is the latest in what is becoming a disturbing trend for the NYPD. According to Mayor Bloomberg, eight cops have been shot in the past several months. “All of these shootings have a disgraceful fact in common. All were committed with illegal guns that came from out of state,” he said, “You see our police officers putting their lives on the line every single day,” continuing, “Here we were very lucky, but it could have been a great tragedy.”

IQ sends blessings to the 4 brave NYPD officers injured in the shootout.

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