Interview: Mr. T Talks New DIY Show, ‘I Pity The Tool’


Earlier this year, Mr. T, known for his role as B.A. Baracus of the A-Team, announced a new show that he would be apart of. The new DIY show, I Pity The Tool, will incorporate new ways to improve a home. We recently spoke with Mr. T upon embarking on his new adventure into the home improvement world.

Inquisitr: “Why are we talking today?”

Mr. T: “The reason why we’re talking today Jon is for a number of reasons. Number one, Mr. T loves to talk. When you talk, you have to have substance behind the words. If you don’t have substance behind the words, all you’re doing is just jibber-jabbing. Mr. T is also here promoting two things. One, is the Fuze bold-flavored charged iced tea.”

“The other reason I’m here is to talk about my new show on DIY Network, called I Pity The Tool. I’ll be renovating homes, rehabbing homes, and helping people out. Not just ordinary people, but army soldiers, veterans, wounded warriors, and people in the Chicago area, where I’m from. So, now I’m coming back and helping people with their situations.”

“There are so many condemned homes and buildings in Chicago, so we need help. Who do we call? Mr. T. I’m coming back and I have contractors, designers, plumbers, electricians and some of everybody. We’re going to help the people get their life together and make better citizens out of them.”

Inquisitr: “Where does the motivation for I Pity The Tool come from?”

Mr. T: “As an actor, I try to do two things: I try to entertain and get a message across. In my entertainment part, I try to be the good guy, because good will always triumph over evil. Then, I use my celebrity status and I got to the hospitals and visit the kids in the neighborhood. I go back and tell the ones that are living on welfare and food stamps that they don’t have to steal or break into anybody’s house to survive.”

“I challenge them to listen to their mother, obey your mother and listen to the teachers at school. The teachers are trying to help you get an education. I tell them to study hard and stay away from the wrong crowd. That’s my motivation. So, we’re doing that, giving back always and helping the people with the kind word, a pat on the back, inspiring and motivating them. The best is leading by my own example.

“My mother told me that I’d reach more people by my walk more than by my talk. Everybody can talk a good game. I’m not perfect, but I try to remain positive.”

Mr. T’s new show, I Pity The Tool, already debuted on the DIY Network on June 6.

[Image via the Wrap]